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Park Auto Mall

  If you're in the market for a used car, in Tampa Bay and surrounding areas. http://www.parkautomall.com is your one stop shop for Tampa used cars. They offer 30 second auto loans and live instant credit approval. So you have an answer in minutes, not days!

  I found a vast selection of used cars and trucks including SUVs, Ford F150, and many, many, more. There's something for every taste. I even found this adorable Smart Car! Park Auto Mall provides the best pictures and more details about their vehicle inventory, than any other used car site I have visited. You should also visit their blog, where you'll find some great
used car videos.

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Truth in Advertising

Truth in Advertising  

Coffee - "The best part of waking up is the snooze button, but we'll do in a pinch."

Feminine Hygiene Products - The lady doing cartwheels on the beach would be wearing a ninja suit and hurling throwing stars at a running, screaming, horrified, man.

Surgical Centers - "Dream of a mini-vacation, with school grade meals, Antarctic temperatures, and being cut from a-hole to appetite? Give us a call."

Home Waxing Kits - "Helmet and toilet hover recommended. You're about to pass out and pee at the same time."

Disposable Diapers - "Now with refastenable closures! For those time when your budding graffiti artist can't find a crayon."

Prescription Drugs - "Ask your doctor if our drug and a second mortgage are right for you."

Beer - "Lowering you standards, one can at a time."

Axe - Instead of chasing the guy, ladies would be backing away from his Linus-like scent cloud, holding their throats, and making chokey faces.

Viagra - "Because your wife already gets enough sleep."

Toys - "Fifty bucks for fifteen minutes of peace and quiet."

Minivan - "Smudge covered, scream-filled, gas guzzling, Cheeto, missile."

Toilet Paper - "After use, every brand looks the same."

Hamburger Helper - "We said, 'HELP',. not "Miracle'"

Banks - "Make a $2.00 mistake and the fee will be every last dime you have in your account."

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Isn't This Illegal?

* Something has been on my mind for a while now and it's driving me bananas... I know of three businesses in my area, a bar, a swimming pool, and a fancy restaurant, that require people to apply for a membership and for it to be approved, before they can go there.

 A relative helped build the bar and Hub's and I were there a lot, checking on progress and chit chatting. We were given a "membership" before the place even had doors. One day, I heard the owner talking to a friend and telling him that the membership was a way of keeping the place free of "Blacks and Mexicans". He said he just never approved their membership applications.

 The restaurant is a fancy place with a catchy name and is relatively new as well. A friend of ours took his wife there and she was positively beaming as she told me about it. The food was amazing, the staff was so nice, and then she said it, "... and the best part is, there wasn't a single colored person there. You have to be a member and they don't let them in." Needless to say, my opinion of her dropped to zero and I don't talk to her anymore.

 The pool is a favorite spot for all the kids and it has just always been common knowledge that they require a membership in order to weed out anyone but white folks. I've never taken my kids there and never will.

Racism is alive and well in my area. The ones that are racist just assume that everyone else is too. It makes me crazy. Anyway, my question is... isn't what these places are doing illegal? I'm thinking it would have to be.
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Now Listen Up, You Little Whipper Snappers!

My advice to younger people would be that they commit to love and accept themselves just as they are right now. I have never felt pretty. But, whenever I look back at photos of myself, from the times that I felt my absolute ugliest, I catch myself thinking, "Wow! I wasn't that bad at all!" 

Had I realized this then and not fallen victim to my own self loathing, I would have been more social, went more places, introduced myself to more people. I had low self esteem that was exacerbated by a history of bullies, boyfriends, husbands, jealous relatives, telling me that I was fat, my teeth were crooked, I talked too much, I talked too loud, I was dumb, etc... I did my best to be invisible. To this day, I am shocked when I am out and see someone from my past and they remember me. If they don't approach me, I usually don't approach them, for fear they will ask, "Who the heck are you?" But when they do approach me, call me by name, and say they remember me from school or whatever, it truly blows my mind. Somebody actually thought I was worth remembering.

A spirit crushed is a long time healing and I may never feel good about myself, but it's not too late for those of you that are right where I was years ago. don't let a handful of assholes ruin your life. Love yourself. Know you are beautiful.


Duracell Ultra Batteries Class Action Lawsuit Settlement

A settlement has been reached in class action lawsuits against The Gillette Co. and The Procter & Gamble Co., resolving allegations that they falsely advertised and marketed some of their Duracell batteries. If you purchased Duracell Ultra Advanced or Duracell Ultra Power AA or AAA alkaline batteries, you may be eligible to receive up to $12 cash from the class action settlement.

Details can be found HERE