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Wonderful Cloth Diapers

 Years ago, when Renni was a baby, I tried using cloth diapers. It was truly a horrible experience. I'm sure now that it was mostly due to the fact that I had purchased the cheapest I could afford at the time. Anyway, I pretty much decided that I would never attempt that again.

 Here I am, over twenty years later, having gone back to cloth diapers. Mind you, I can't even think of one other person around here that uses them. It all began because Ross was having such a problem with diaper rash. I had tried everything and began doing searches on the internet for other ideas. After seeing many suggestions to switch to cloth, I started doing research. Eventually, I found instructions for free online. I gathered up all of the baby's old receiving blankets and started cutting out the pieces. All I really had to purchase was Velcro for the tabs and elastic. I lugged out a beautiful, old, sewing machine from the garage and set to work...

  In no time, I had made four beautiful diapers! Shaped just like disposables but made out of comfortable cloth with really cute patterns on them. Four would never be enough though. Anyway, while I was waiting for time to shop for more cloth, I received a package from my friend, Gini. I was thrilled to find TEN beautiful pocket diapers inside. What a great surprise! I planned to alter them a bit and add Velcro closures and elastic gathers to the legs and waist. But I just couldn't seem to find the time. Eventually, I realized that I just wasn't going to have any spare time to sew in the near future. So, I bought pins and plastic pants and cloths to fold and stuff them with.

  Ross absolutely loves them! She hasn't had a rash at all since I made the switch. Since I make my own detergent, washing them is not so expensive. Now I have a completely different opinion of cloth diapers than I had 20 years ago! I guess it is true that one should never say "never". : )

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