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The Tailbone's Connected To The @#$%^!

My morning was going pretty smoothly. The older girls were off to school, Tallen and Ross were sleeping, and I was enjoying a cup of coffee while watching the morning news. That's when my husband woke up and motioned for me to come sit in front of him, where he was lying on the sofa. Most nights, he ends up moving to the sofa when he wakes up in pain, and watches TV while he waits for some medication to kick in.

My first thought was, "Sh*t!". I had really been enjoying those few quiet moments... hateful but true... But I went over there anyway and sat down, hoping to prevent him from talking and waking the kids. For some stupid reason, when I sat down, he poked me in the lower back with his thumb. The instant he did this, it felt like flames shot up my spine! I immediately jumped up and gave him the WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR? glare. To which he responded, in his megaphone voice, "Fine then! Just be that way!" Men can be such babies at times. At any rate, he woke the kids with his big mouth and I have had a throbbing backache all day. I'm not sure what nerve he touched but I hope he never touches it again. Plus, he went back to sleep! I really could've poked him with a stick! Having to hear him snore, while I minded the kids and my coffee got cold. :o(

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