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Up With the Roosters

Yes, I am up with the roosters again.Tallen got me out of love seat at 4:30a.m.. Notice I did not say he got me out of bed. When one's sleep schedule is made up mostly of cat naps, sometimes the sofa or love seat offer a convenient and soft place to fall. ( God bless you FreeCycle Lady, for my new couch and love seat! )Even on days that the girls have no school, I am almost always up before daybreak. That is usually after sneaking in a couple hours of sleep, wherever ever I can grab them.

Yesterday was pretty eventful...

I discovered that Ross is finally getting in the tooth right next to her upper front one. She should have gotten this months ago, just after her front teeth came in. It's mate was late as well, only showing up about 4 months ago. We had already given up on this one, assuming she would be like her oldest sister who had a genetic defect and never got those two teeth. Needless to say, we are very happy that is not the case. This would also explain how grouchy she has been for the past few days and why her cold seemed extra severe.

Cina worked really hard in the kitchen/dining room area, doing some early Spring cleaning. Her inspiration was that she wanted to be allowed to spend the day with a friend lol While I wish she had been moved to action out of love for her dear old mom, or out of guilt that her arrival on this planet was through an emergency C-section that made my stomach look like a post-war Vietnam crazy quilt, thus ruining my chances of ever wearing another bikini, that just wasn't the case < sigh >. At least I have a trump card when she is choosing my nursing home a few years from now.

Cina, Selly, and I moved the chest freezer out to the entry landing. Yes, we used a sheet to move it! LOL That gives us a lot more room in the dining area but still keeps the freezer convenient to the kitchen.

I made a beautiful, yummy, chicken and rice dish for dinner. I was especially proud because the recipe didn't come from a soup label. Even more proud that even hubby, who wants the same 2 meals over and over again, ate without complaint and even complimented the meal. I will post the recipe later, when Tallen isn't swinging from my desk chair and trying to spin me in circles...

The best part is that I was actually able to get everyone asleep at the same time and sneak in a long hot bath/shower before daylight yesterday morning. I was actually able to leave in my deep conditioner for the whole 3 minutes and shave my legs. Ah!, it felt like Christmas!

Also, after talking with my best good friend, Gini, I have decided to use my other blog to post/keep track of the daily and past happenings with Tallen. Autism and Asperger's have such a cloud of mystery around them and he really seems to be improving by leaps and bounds. I think it is important to keep a journal of our experience, both for my own records and to give insight to others as to what has worked for my child, along with what has not.


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