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Being Fruitful and Multiplying

 Our banana tree needs more branches...

 Renni needed to make individual banana puddings for a benefit supper this past Saturday. She prefers to cook in my kitchen, for some reason, and brought all the ingredients over to my house. When she took the bananas out of the bag, she realized that her BF had bought 2 bunches of green ones. My bananas were ripe, but there were only 4 of them. We finally decided to chop them up in small pieces and mix into the pudding, so we'd have enough to go around. Then Renni decided that she also wanted to make a pudding to go with our supper and sent her BF back to town to find ripe bananas. He came back with a few ripe ones and more green ones lol. Thus, the mass quantities of bananas. Looks like I'll be making banana bread soon!

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