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V-Day Sucked, Sort Of...

  I can deal with the fact that my husband is not extremely romantic. I can also deal with the fact that it is near impossible for us to go out  alone as there are only a couple of people that I trust to keep Tallen safe. I can even deal with the fact that money is a little tight these days. But, I cannot deal with being totally forgotten

  Hubs went hunting on Friday night and did not get home until 4:00 a.m. Saturday morning. No problem there. But, when he arrived home, he found a huge box of chocolate covered cherries ( the kind he totally loves and can usually only find at Christmas) and a musical Hallmark card, waiting on his pillow. He was very surprised and touched. We told each other "Happy V-day". He did not present me with a card or gift. I just assumed he must have something hidden in the truck and would give it to me yesterday. The day went by, there was nothing. He went out for milk yesterday evening and returned with a bag of chips for me. Then rushed out the door to make a 7:00 p.m. hunt. I thought, " OK, he is so sneaking to Wal-mart to find me a card..." He called a little after 7:00 to say he had missed the deadline for the hunt by 5 minutes and was coming back to the neighborhood to hunt with our neighbor...

  In the meantime, Renni and her boyfriend showed up with a heart shaped pizza and candy hearts for myself and the kids. They also brought a movie. Tallen was so excited with his heart and a balloon Renni gave him. He danced and sang a song about "Love Day". We ate pizza and watched "The Family That Preys Together". Hubs came home around 1:00 a.m. this morning, smelling like skunk, ate left-over Chinese food, and fell asleep. HE TOTALLY FORGOT ME ON VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!


  I won 2nd place in the Joint Anniversary Give-away contest at Random Thoughts! That was a very nice surprise on Friday.

Bye Bye Annabelle...

  Taking the girls to the bus stop Thursday, I had to swerve around an animal in the road. When returning home, I stopped to investigate, only to find that it was my beautiful Cocker Spaniel, Annabelle. Someone had ran over her during the night. I am still perplexed as to why she was so far away from the house. Maybe she was chasing a deer or rabbit... As soon as it was daylight, hub went down and got her out of the road. She was given to me almost 3 years ago by a man who claimed she barked constantly. She never did that here. She loved to run and play with our other dogs ( also previous orphans ) and was always quite hyper. She will be missed.

  I finally joined Swag Bucks!


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