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Do They Make "The Club" For Kidney Lizards?

 I browsed their product line and had no luck finding one. Hubs really needs one. Either that or a chain and padlock. Something... Because, apparently, his wee-wee has spent the last few years making babies without his knowledge. Poor fella, I guess it just waited to hear him snore at night and crept to my side of the bed without him ever being the wiser.

  I discovered this last night after I hung up from a phone conversation with my sister. She had called to discuss the baby shower she is hosting on Sunday and to say "HOLY CRAP!", as she had just read the post about Selly's plans to kill me etc...

  He asked, " Was something wrong?"

 "Nah, she was just calling to talk about the menu for Sunday"


 "Yeah, Sunday, that's when the baby shower is."

 "You going?"

 "Well, of course. I made the diaper cake, am making the real cake, and I am helping set                    everything up."    

  " What are you going to do with the kids?" { meaning the 2 smallest kids, 5 and 21 months}

  " I'm taking them with me."


      Now, maybe because I am sleep deprived or maybe because I was in deep thought about cake decor, I totally didn't catch on to his question right away. Like 15 minutes later, as I was making a cup of coffee, my brain suddenly screamed, " EXCUSE ME? DID HE JUST ASK WHAT YOU WERE GOING TO DO WITH THE KIDS?!!!!!" Yes, Brain, he did... I went back into the living room and asked him,

  "Honey, did you ask me what I was going to do with the kids while I go to the baby shower on        Sunday?"

   "No. I asked if you wanted me to watch them while you go."

    Bull! He just heard that tone in my voice and knew that was the only safe answer. I find it so strange that even though he and I BOTH have children, I am the only one that needs to get clearance and find a sitter, in order to leave the house. He, on the other hand, can come and go as he pleases, without the least concern as to who will be minding the children. And when he does keep them for a short time, he acts as though he is doing me a favor.




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