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I Feel Kinda Bad, But The Little Sucker Deserved it!

There has been a dirty mouse terrorizing me for the past 3 days. He/she had left little "presents" for me, in the cutlery drawer. After the 3rd morning of having to remove all the contents, washing them, bleaching them, washing and bleaching the tray, then bleaching the drawer, I decided enough was enough. I declared war...

On each of the past few days, he/she has outsmarted me, eating the bait from the trap, without setting it off. Last night, I slathered the trap with peanut butter and even held it to a flame to melt it a bit. I checked back a while later and it was gone and the trap still set! So I tried a Froot Loop. I secured it snugly under the little doodad that the trip wire hooks too. Thirty minutes later, the Froot Loop was missing and the trap was still set. I tried another Froot Loop, same thing. This was one smart mouse! I toyed with the idea of hot gluing the cereal to the trap but that would require finding the glue gun and I just wasn't up to it. So. I eased the trap back to a safe position and slipped a Froot Loop over the trip wire and set the trap again...

I checked back 3 more times and each time a little more of the cereal was missing. Finally, when I looked for the fourth time, I HAD A DEAD MOUSE!!!!! WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO! I really wanted to post a picture but decided that was too gross for morning viewing. Did I ever mention that I HATE mice? This is the first one I've had in ages. I really need to have a talk with our lazy cat. Maybe I should show her what I did to the mouse! Fear can be a great motivator sometimes... LOL


  1. I was sitting on my sofa one day and this little mouse running across the floor. It freaked me out. The little guy was so cute, but I couldnt catch it, (the humane way) plus the munchkins wouldnt let me kill it. In the end, well, lets just say the poor little thing wont be going into any other houses again...sniff sniff. Man against mouse, and I'd be darned if he was going to win.

  2. Yay! Dead mice!
    The girl I just blogged about had some mice in her pantry and I laughed so hard I almost cried when she told me! Why? because she just moved into a brand new house that was clean and she was always telling me I should clean my house a little better. Who had the mice? NOT ME!! haha


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