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I Gotta Get Me One Of Them There Lockers...

It's official. I have reached my "it's in my locker" tolerance breaking point. This was Selly's excuse for getting a D in Social Studies, for not completing assignments. It was also her excuse for the countless times we get a call from the school, telling us that our child has been sent home with this or that important newsletter, yet she has not given it to us. School pictures? "Locker." Winter coat? "Locker." Missing book bag? "Locker." You get the idea...

Today, I received a letter from the school informing me that Selly has three unexcused absences. Yes, she has missed three days this year, but I sent a note each time. So I ask her, "Selly, what happened to the excuse I sent to school with you last week?" She replied, "It's in my locker, I guess..." I felt a stabbing pain in my left eyeball (this always happens when I want to scream but hold it in).

"OK, so what happened to the two excuses that were sent with you before?"

"In my locker, I guess..."

"Selly, why are they in your locker?!"

"I dunno. I guess I just didn't take them to the office"

Ladies and Gentlemen, it's everyone's favorite game show, "State the Obvious!"
With your host, SELLY!

I think the only cure for this will be to get my own "locker"... Suddenly, dinner,  laundry, the T.V. ,  the computer,  the car keys,  and the telephone,  will all be conveniently and inaccessibly, lost in my locker, I guess...


  1. Wow, that sounds like a great excuse!

  2. I recently found your blog on entrecard and I think it is pretty cool. I really enjoyed reading this post!

  3. Don't bail her out. Make her do the detentions or whatever the price is for not caring enough to turn stuff in. Eventually (and it may take a while, you might need the patience of Job), she'll figure it out.

  4. the essence of a woman is being a mother. :D

  5. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and suggestions!

    I'm the sort of person who needs to make sense of things and lately, nothing she does makes a lot of sense. Even though she is a very smart girl and has the ability to do well, it seems that she is almost going out of her way to sabotage herself, as far as school goes. Around home, it is more that she only seems to care about herself and gives little thought to how her actions effect the rest of the family. I have two older daughters and experienced very little, if any, of this kind of thing from them, when they were her age.

    Sometimes it seems she would rather tell us a lie, even when the truth is the easy way out. I just worry that if we don't get a hold on this now, we'll have hell to pay when she becomes a teenager.

  6. I think I need to get me a locker too!


  7. If only adults could use that one! And what to do to make her "get it"? Please tell me so I'll know when my two girls grow up :)

    Thanks for sharing with Best Posts!

  8. Just keep telling yourself that (according to Nigel Latta) teenagers are brain damaged but get over it at 21 or so! When she has to figure it out for herself several times, she will learn what needs to be done (or not, it's her choice, so honor it!)


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