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Yeah, They Love Each Other

  I had sat Ross down with her father, on Big Green Ugly ( the couch he refuses to let "die") today, while I went in the kitchen to put on some coffee. Hubs shouted for me to bring the camera and "hurry!".  The kids were giggling and hugging and kissing one another like they had been apart for years. Ross, asked her brother,"Do you yike da baby?" ( she refers to herself as "da baby") Tallen responded, "I love you..." then she said, "I yuv you!" I got some really great pics. This is one of my favorites. It is really special because we never can predict how Tallen will react to being grabbed or hugged by anyone, he could respond sweetly, or push the person away. So, we always have to keep a close eye when these two are together. Since Ross is extremely Huggy and Kissy. lol

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