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Go Figure Friday or Things That Made Me Go "Hmmm..." This Week

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Here are this week's head scratchers and such...

Why I Might Bite the Mailman

After Sonya Ann won the Clairol coupon, the other day. I located a beautiful, handmade, note card, to send the coupon in. I stuffed the card in the envelope and went to get a stamp from my coupon file (easy access for refunding), only to find that Tallen had decided that my stamps were stickers and rendered them useless. No worries, I thought. I just placed the letter in the box, with a dollar on top, and raised the flag. Just like plenty of us folks, who live a zillion miles from the post office, have been doing for years. I was certain that the letter was on it's way. The next day however, the girls find my letter, two stamps, and some change, in the mailbox. I can't believe that he wouldn't take a few lousy seconds to put the stamps on the envelope and send it on it's way. It's amazing how jerkified this world is becoming.

Anyway, rest assured Sonya Ann, your winnings are indeed on their way. Sorry for the delay.

Apparently, The Smart Ass Doesn't Fall Far From The Hip...

One thing I love about my kids, is their sense of humor. They definitely get this from me. It appears early and runs deep. The only downside to being funny, I have learned, is that folks either get your humor, or they think you're a smart ass. Little Ross is already showing the signs...

Last night, she furled her brow, stomped her foot, and said, "I want my cup!"

I handed her the cup and said, "Here, Bossy!"

She did the Big Eyed Head Bob Neck Weave, and said, "I'm not bossy! You're Bossy!"

Well, I also did the B E H B N W, added a pointing finger, and replied, "Oh no! I'm not bossy! You're bossy!"

After a couple of rounds of this, she lowered her voice a bit, smiled, and asked, "What's your name?"

Thinking that the "Who's Bossy?" game was over and I was the winner, I smiled back,"My name is MomMom, I replied.

"No!" She replied, once again, doing the B E H B N W, "Your name is BOSSY!"

OUCH! Burned by a toddler...

Guys Night Out

 Most of you know that, after years of sitting home, day after day, night after night, month after month, year after year, I am finally escaping the Castle of Chaos, one night a week, for a Girls Night Out, with Renni and my sister Lorra.

Well, for some reason, this really seems to bother Hubs. Knowing that I can't leave until he arrives home, he never makes it back to the house on GNO, until almost 8:00 p.m. It usually starts at about noon, on the day of, he'll call from his cell phone and say that he's on his way in. Then an hour later, he'll call and say he bumped into this person or that, got to talking, but now "for real", he's on his way home. This drags on, until finally, Renni and I are rushing to my sister's to meet her, and make it to a restaurant, before they close (Remember, they roll up the sidewalks here, at sundown).

I usually take Hub's cell phone with me, just in case. Well, the calls usually start during dinner...

"Where are y'all eating?"
"What are you having?"
"Who is that talking?" And on and on...

Well, the last time we went out, he also called me while we were walking around Wally World, after dinner. It was like 10:00 P.M. and he starts telling me the kind of meat he would like me to pick up, to bring home and make for him. I was like, "Look, I'll be glad to pick up whatever you want, but I'm not cooking when I get home."
"Because it will be around Midnight, by the time I get there"
"Well, I'm not cooking dinner in the middle of the night."
"There's plenty of food there. Why haven't you already eaten something?"
"Because I want you to make it for me."
"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph..."
"I can't believe that you are so babyfied, that you would honestly sit there, go hungry, then try to make me feel guilty, all because you are too lazy to get off the couch and make yourself something to eat."
"Honey! I was just picking at you!"
"Whatever, I'm hanging up now. Love you. Bye"
"Wait! Don't you want to talk to me?"
"Well, if I spend the entire night talking to you, that pretty much defeats the purpose of my getting out of the house."
"Oh, I see how you are! I think I'm going to start having a guys night out."
"Great! Nights out are only for those of us that stay home the other six nights of the week. I look forward to seeing you every evening. I can't believe you're giving up Coon Hunting. I'm so proud of you!"
"Oh, I'm not giving up Coon Hunting"
"So you think you're going to hunt six nights a week and get a night out with the guys?"
"Goodbye, you selfish pig."
"Bye. I love you."
"I love you too"

Testicular logic, go figure...

My Blog Changes Are Invisible

  I worked really hard on my new banner. Shamefully, it took me two whole weeks just to "draw" the lady kissing the frog ( because I only got to complete two or three pixels of work, before being summoned somewhere else in the house) and then another few hours for the rest of it. Anyway, so far, nobody's noticed.


  1. I love the lady kissing the frog!

    I love your blogs! Your family is so funny! As for Hubs, aren't they all like that when you go somewhere without them? LOL!

  2. Thank you, Frances!

    Yeah, typical man, I guess. Funny thing though, when he is out and I am at home, he isn't calling every five minutes to see what I'm doing. LOL

  3. LOL! That is because you are safely at home and not having fun without him.

  4. LOL! Oh yeah, Hubs thinks he needs a night out on his own too. I tell him he gets to leave the house every day to go to work, I don't. Somehow he doesn't see that logic as being valid since going to work is not "fun". Well staying home every day with the kids isn't "fun" either most of the time! Men... I swear!


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