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Shame On Me! Saturday

When Renni turned 16, she thought it was so funny to dance around and chant, "I'm half your age! You're twice as old as I am!" This was true, as I had given birth to her when I was 16. She seemed to get such a thrill from trying to make me feel old! So thrilled in fact, that she forgot to stop and remember just who it was she was dealing with. I wasn't sure how I would get even. I would just have to wait for my chance.

  That chance came a couple of months later, when Renni started cutting her wisdom teeth. She is a notorious worry wart and was constantly walking around with her finger in her mouth, rubbing the places where the teeth were erupting.

 One evening, as I was making dinner, she came strolling in the kitchen, rubbing her gum. She did remove her finger from her mouth long enough to question me.  "Mama, what is it they say about when you get your wisdom teeth?", she asked. "Well", I said, "Old folks say that it means your life is half over. But I wouldn't put much stock in that." I could see the fear in her eyes, "Oh Gosh! What if that is true? What if I only have 16 years left to live?!" In a comforting tone, I replied, "Aww, don't even worry about it. That's just a bunch of bull!" I turned my back to her and reached up into the cabinet for something, waiting for the question that I knew was coming next...



"How old were you, when you got your wisdom teeth?"

"Oh, I was about your..."

 I collapsed to the floor, limp as a dishrag.

"Mama!" she screamed. She dropped to my side, shaking me, trying to get some response. Her voice started to quiver, "Mama! Answer me! Can you hear me?!"

I opened one eye and smiled, "What do you expect? Afterall, I am twice your age!"


  1. thats priceless.....i want to live in your house...lol. Your kids are going to have spend alot of time on 'the couch' when they get older...lol or, get a real sence of humor...lol Im sure its going to be the latter.

  2. OMG! That is the funniest!! Way to get even with the smarty pants!


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