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Shame On Me! Saturday

Ever done something really mean or sneaky, that was so darn funny, you just aren't able to feel guilty about it? Join in and write your own Shame On Me! Saturday post. Don't forget to add the link for it to the Mr. Linky form.

Most of my readers know that my mom gave us kids a pretty rough go of it, when we weren't old enough to move out on our on. I never had to do anything blatant, in order to get revenge on her, as she has never been the sharpest knife in the drawer. I just sit back and wait for her to do something stupid and hold my sides laughing...

Well, a few years back, she told me about this great lotion that she had found in my younger brother's room. He was in his mid twenties, but had moved in with her for a while. She is a notorious snoop. If we ever forget our purse at her house or something, she looks through the contents, sometimes taking what she wants. So anyway, she was telling me about that "amazing" hand lotion that she had found in my brother's room. It was so great that she was even taking it to work each day and sharing it with her co-workers. Having really dry skin myself, I asked to see the bottle, thinking I might try it and then go buy some of my own, if it worked. Well, this is what she hands me...

Only it was like an industrial size bottle. I quelled my urge to bust out laughing and never told her what she was actually rubbing on her hands and most likely her face. I wonder how many of her co-workers thought they were working with a Kink Meister...

P.S. Sorry so late. I have been decluttering for the past two days, via yardsale. I am burnt to a crisp. I look like a lobstah! LOL


  1. Too funny!

    Hope you have a happy and safe 4th of July.

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  2. That is TOO funny! Sometimes just knowing someone is doing something stupid is the best revenge!

  3. I love this!!! You have set the bar at a new level for naughty. Please get my mom next.


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