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Shame On Me! Saturday

Ever done something really mean or sneaky, that was so darn funny, you just aren't able to feel guilty about it? Join in and write your own Shame On Me! Saturday post. Don't forget to add the link for it to the Mr. Linky form.

Thanks to the events of last evening, I have my most current SOMS post yet...

While frying up some pork chops last night, I got a call from Renni, since I was already cooking and had plenty to go around and she was dog tired from work, it was decided that she and Fiance would just come eat with us. OK, pause right there for a moment. Pretend you see that cheesy Scooby Doo remembering back in time graphic and hear "doodoodoodoodoo doodoodoodoodoo". Now y'all should be back in time with me to a couple of hours before Renni called...

That is when a carload of folks, who obviously have not grasped the concept of calling folks before just showing up, comes pulling down the drive, with a huge, inflatable raft thing, hanging from the trunk of the car. I look out and see that Hubs is talking with the lady who is the driver. When she leaves, he tells me that she wants to take her kids down to the swimming hole/picnic area and that her last name is XXX. Well this just happens to be the last name of this really creepy, HUGE, guy that has shown up here before, insisting that the girls and I give him the gate key to the swimming hole (so he can drive his car down there and not have to walk), acting as if Hubs has given him permission. When I checked with Hubs, he had no idea who the guy even was.When I point this out to Hubs, he tells me that this woman is that guys sister.I was like BAD IDEA! and of course Hubs looked at me like I was a paranoid dingbat and said it was fine. Now, Imagine the bad graphic again and come back to where I hung up from talking with Renni...

Within the hour, Renni and Fiance show up and she tells me that they decided to drive around the long way to my house. She also tells me that, as they drove past out tenant house (at the other end of out marathon length drive and on a completely different road), there was a yellow scooter pulling out from the driveway, with 2 guys on it, and that the one on the back was holding a huge piece of wood that had been lying in the yard down there. I tell Selly to get Mama (me!) her ball bat from where ever they have hidden it from me this time. I then tell Hubs to hurry and finish his dinner so we can go investigate. He says he really has no interest in going but will, if I insist.

On the way out, I grab my video camera from the kitchen counter. Hubs was like, "What the heck do you need that for?" I replied that I was taking it just in case we might need it. Really, I figured that when I confronted these folks, if I had to defend myself with a ball bat, Hubs could get it all on film to use in court LOL So we set off and I have Hubs pull down to the tenant house first, so I can make sure that the door is still shut and check that nothing is stolen. Everything was secure. Just as we are pulling out from the drive, there goes that yellow scooter zooming past. I tell Hubs, "Follow that scooter!" and turn on my video camera. Well, as we set in behind them, they take off like a flash!

We just kept up with them (not hard since they couldn't go very fast lol)We follow them up to their house and pull in right behind them. Well, the adult driver bails from the scooter and vanishes around the house somewhere. Hubs calls the other boy over. He was probably 15 or 16. He asks the guy have they been down at our tenant house. The answer is "No". Hubs keeps asking if he is sure, as we had a report that someone was seen leaving there and that they were hauling something with them. The guy keeps insisting that it wasn't them. I tell Hubs, "Well, that's OK, we'll just go home and watch the video and find out for sure who was down there." Hubs says, "Alright." The boy glances toward my hand, noticing the camera for the first time. The color left his face and he starts spilling the beans! It was a miracle! Suddenly, he remembered being at the tenant house! He remembered his adult cousin helping himself to our property! Before it was over and done with, he was begging us not to turn them in. Hubs tell him that nobody is getting turned in for nothing but that they should learn to show a little respect for other folks property or something of that nature. I informed him that even though the tenant house is empty, we do have security cameras all over the place down there. He looked like he might crap his pants when he heard that one LOL

The cool thing is, I recorded the whole confession, little video but lots of audio. I will upload it later today if I can manage to figure out the process. It's so funny when I mention watching the tape, how his whole tune changes...

See, here's the thing, we have had loads of trouble with someone breaking into the tenant house and taking what they please. We have also had problems with fuel being stolen from equipment etc... This all started when the brother of the crack head that lives a couple of miles over the road, moved into a rental that a couple of miles in the other direction. We often hear what sounds like a small motorcycle coming out from our bottom land but can never get down there in time. Other neighbors are complaining that they have stuff being stolen as well. Now it all makes sense. And one of the guys that stole the wood yesterday was one of the people that hubs had given permission to go down to the swimming hole. Turns out that they are kin to the rogues that moved in the rental up the street. Didn't I tell Hubs it was a bad idea to let them go down there?

The boy we spoke to was just visiting his cousin. His cousin is the adult male that rents that house and is also the one that was helping himself to our property. Damn, I hate thieves.

Last night, even though Hubs had given that lady and her three kids permission to use the swimming hole, there were well over 5 cars parked at the gate and they were still there after 11 PM. That spells PARTY! I dragged out this awesome light show party favor of Tallen's and Selly found one of his toys with a very realistic siren on it. We went out on the back deck and I flashed that red and blue light at measured intervals and Selly manned the sirens. It about 2.2 seconds, car doors began to slam and vehicles started taking off. LOL I'm such a blocker...

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