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Sunday Sampler

A little bit of this, that, and the other...

Aren't these just the saddest faces that you've ever seen? These used to be "free range" pups, before they got sick. They just hate being in the kennels. Now that they are feeling so much better, it won't be long before they are running around the yard again...

Renni called yesterday evening and said she had me a rooster. I told her that I did not need another, as I already have two. What I need are more hens! Well, she insisted and soon showed up at my door with this little fella. He's no bigger than a cabbage! He has a perfect crow too! When we put him in the chicken pen with the others, the bigger roosters tried to peck his head. So he is now on the landing, in a pet carrier. He crows whenever a car drives up or someone walks onto the landing. I now have a guard rooster! LOL Well, just until we can get him a new pen built.We are also going to buy some little chickens to keep him company. I know it's strange to want to hug a rooster like he's a kitten, but I swunny, he is just so cute...

I feel kinda bad posting this next pic, after showing y'all my sweet rooster, but I promised the other day, to show y'all a pic of the best BBQ chicken nuggets ever. Sorry for the blur. These were so good! I also made pork nuggets, using the same recipe, and the family inhaled them as well. I'm getting my cooking blog finishes ASAP and will tell y'all how I made these then.

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  1. Awwww...those little puppies look soooo sad. They should come and keep my little kitties company. They are also in quarantine, because they are sick.

    I absolutely love your little rooster. He is so cute; I don't think it's strange to give him hugs; he is, after all, ever so handsome! :)

    Well, I'll try not to think about your little handsome rooster as I drool all over the screen...Ummmmm Yummmm...those nuggets look awesome; I can't wait for the recipe!

  2. Those puppies look so sad! Glad they are feeling better.

    And your new rooster is so handsome! I don't want to hug him, though. I was spurred by a rooster when I was a tot and prefer to keep my distance. LOL!


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