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Top Ten Reasons They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha-Haa!

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday! I created this meme to add a little bit of variety to Frump Day ( no longer Hump Day, not yet Friday...) If you would like to participate, just create your own Top Ten post about anything your heart desires and add the link below. Everyone is welcome to join in. This should get really interesting...

1. The Neighbors

When I say neighbor, I mean like two miles up the road. These morons took off for vacation in Mexico for two weeks and didn't set up any sort of care for their dogs. So, along with everything else we have been dealing with for the past couple of weeks, we have spent day and night chasing away three of the meanest damn dogs ever. They came down because they were hungry, which I can understand. But, while they were here, they kept jumping on our dogs and hurting them. One of ours ended up being bitten on the face, it became infected, and we had to treat him with antibiotics. Plus, I am pretty positive that those dogs haven't had their shots, which leads to my number 2...

2. Sick Puppies

All of our dogs have had their shots. But I am pretty sure that the loser neighbors dogs brought something down here to our pups, because there are certain shots they don't get until they are weaned.. We started treatments of antibiotics etc..., as soon a Lil Gimpy started acting sick, but so far, 4 out of the litter of 6 have died.

3. Sick Kids.

Thank goodness that Cina and Ross are finally better. But, I don't have to tell you that nothing is more troubling or heart breaking than when your kids are sick. Especially a little one who is really hungry but too sick to eat. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Tallen and Selly stay well.

4. Hubs

I swear that copper wire was invented when someone tried to pull a penny from betwixt Hub's fingers. He is such a tightwad. But mostly when it comes to me spending money on the kids or myself. The rules are, he can buy whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and never has to even mention it to me. I am supposed to check with him whenever I spend any money and he would really prefer that I have to ask him for the money first. Plus, he loves to tell me how he brings in most of the money.

Well, last night, I told him that I am thinking of taking a 3rd shift job waiting tables. I loved being a waitress and I always made awesome money. It would be great as he would be here with the kids at night, while they were sleeping, so there wouldn't be much work involved for him to watch them. I am a night owl anyway. Plus, I would be making my own money.

Well, he went off the deep end. He said that instead of getting a job away from home that I should just support him in his job. That I should just stay home and wait on him as the pay is pretty good. I told him that the pay sucks and that in all my years waiting tables, I had never had a customer be as rude and ungrateful as he is to me. Plus, they always had something nice to say and asked me how my day was going ( something he never does.) He then said why wouldn't I want a respectable job that required some thought, like a bank teller. LMAO! I told him that I know some complete idiots that are bank tellers and that waiting tables requires more thought than he even knows. Then I reminded him that last week, when I mentioned going back to school, he told me I was too old for college.

Pretty much, I think he is just afraid for me to actually get away from the house for a few hours. Afraid that I will have my own money and not have to ask him for every little thing. Afraid that some other man might actually speak to me like I'm a human being...

5. Doctors, Again

When Ross and Cina were sick, I had to cancel my appointment with the Endo. I swear those jerks sent me a certified letter, that I had to drive all the way to town and sign for, telling me that they will no re-schedule an appointment for me. WTH? I have never, ever, been to see that doctor, so it isn't like I am a habitual offender or something...

6. Asshole In-laws

Enough said

7. Selly

Selly is back up to her S.O.S. Last week, she asked me what she could give a pup some beef broth in. I told her to use a disposable pie plate and under no circumstances should she use one of our good dishes. Twenty minutes later, I walk outside and there is a puppy, drinking from one of my good soup bowls. When I asked her why she would do exactly what she had been told NOT to do, she shrugged and said that she had used that bowl to heat up the broth and just didn't feel like changing bowls. Her dad just chuckled and said kids will be kids. Frankly, I felt like slapping the pee out of both of them.

Then, after I spent a whole afternoon cleaning the pool, adding chemicals and starting it to fill, I shut off the water for a couple of hours. Then I asked Selly to run outside and turn the hose back on and to remind me in a couple of hours to turn it off. In the middle of the night I realized that she hadn't reminded me. I put on my shoes,grabbed a light, and ran outside to shut off the water. My rush was in vain, as when I get there, I find the hose lying on the ground, not even in the pool, and the pump was sitting there peeing out what water I had already put in there. Seems that Selly decided that, instead of doing as she was told, she would dismantle the pool pump. When she couldn't get it back together, she just said nothing and went to bed. Again, her dad just laughed it off.

Ross and Tallen have these little plastic sand molds. Starfish, crabs, dolphins, etc... They weren't expensive but they love them and play with them all the time. Yesterday, Selly did not realize I was watching, she took her foot and put it atop one of these toys and put all her weight on it until it shattered into a zillion little pieces. I don't mean she was walking and accidentally did this. I mean that she literally stopped and made a concerted effort to break that toy. I was super pissed, she nearly fainted when she realized I had saw the whole thing, I was like, "Why did you just break that toy?!" She just shrugged and was like, "I dunno" and was actually smirking! Not to mention that it was Ross' toy and she did this right in front of her. Times like that, I want to drop to my knees and pray, "Dear God, please stop me from beating this child! I have other children who love me and deserve to have me raise them, and never have to talk to me through prison bars!" So, I tell Hubs and he was like, "Well, I guess she just wanted to see if she was strong enough to break it." I couldn't freaking believe it. I told him I guessed I would take the time soon to see if I was strong enough to break some of her things. I figure I am strong enough to crush her digital camera into a zillion little pieces, especially if I happen to be sitting in the Durango at the time.

At any rate, I am ready to just throw up my hands with the whole situation. I am so fed up with dealing with this crap day in and day out and when I address it with Hubs, he makes a joke out of it. He has higher expectations for Tallen's behavior than he does that of a 12 year old girl without special needs. Really, I think I and my other kids deserve to have time together with out all this added drama all the time. If Hubs thinks that Selly's bull is so cute, maybe he should keep his ass home with her 24-7, instead of me doing it, I am at the end of my rope.

8. Walmart

Yes, I am on a roll LOL But really, when the girls were sick, I bought a gallon of Great Value apple juice, hoping it would be something they could drink that wouldn't burn their throats. About halfway through the jug, I noticed some writing on top. It said, Made from Concentrate from China and Argentina. WHAT?! First of all, I thought wally world was all about buying USA. Surely, with all the apple growers here in America, there would be no need to import juice from other countries. No wonder the economy has gone to hell in a hand basket!Secondly, and most important, after they poisoned and killed hundreds of our dogs with tainted filler, poisoned our kids with lead laden toys, then even poisoned their own babies and citizens by adding plastics to milk, why in the name of all that is Holy, would Walmart, or any other company for that matter, put anything coming from China, in the juice that we give our children? I mean really, some adults drink apple juice, but mostly it is the children. It just makes my butt wanna chew tobacco! I mean, it's not like it was printed on the bottle in big, eye catching, letters. It was in a very faint stamp, on the actual bottle itself, almost like an afterthought. I am for sure sending them a nastygram and I will be a lot more careful about assuming that stores look out for our safety from now on.

9. My Stove

Yes, I know I am lucky to even have a stove. Just ask Hubs, he'll tell you. However, it was here when I moved in and lord knows how long before that did Hubs buy it. The door handle kept falling off in my hand, till I finally gave up and stopped putting it back on. The seal is missing around the door in places, so heat just pours out of it. If I want bread to brown on top before burning on the bottom, I have to flip it over. I love the range portion, as it is gas. The over and broiler are gas as well, but I hate them, I really do. I love to cook but this stove is a thorn in my side.

10.My Bed

I need a new bed. Mine is like a torture rack. I have slept in every bed in this house, hoping to find one that didn't have me waking to crippling pain each morning. So far, no luck. This is depressing as the chance of Hubs forking over the cash for a new bed is slim to none. I've considered having an affair, just to get a good nights sleep on a hotel mattress. LOL JUST KIDDING! SHEESH!

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