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Go Figure Friday or Things That Made Me Go "Hmmm..." This Week

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Here are this week's head scratchers and such...

It's official, I have been in a funk. Can y'all believe that I couldn't even post a Shame on Me! Saturday last week? Why? Because, well, as unbelievable as it may seem, I think that I might have hit the bottom of the barrel of sneaky/funny/semi-evil things that I have done. I know. I couldn't believe it either. I'm certain that I am just losing my memory. Here's a shout out to the folks that really know me to please remind me of some that have slipped my mind.

I am sure everyone is tired of reading my doctor/Walmart Pharmacy rants, so just scroll on by this part...

I am on a NON NARCOTIC pain medication for my joints and bone pain. That's right, NON NARCOTIC. My "doctor" prescribed me 1 or 2 of these pills, 4 times a day. originally. I had to take 2, in order to get any relief.In 10 days, that would be 80 pills. In 15 Days, that would be 120. Which is exactly the amount of my first prescription and each refill. Now, near the end of my third refill, my legs began to swell really bad. So, reasoning that I was only taking these pills and Thyroid hormone, I assumed that the pain pills were causing the swelling. So, I stopped taking them, I had 6 left in the bottle.

This rendered me near helpless. Sitting, mostly laying down, on the bed or sofa, because it hurt too much to put my feet on the floor. I returned to my "doctor" on the 20th of last month. I explained to her why I stopped taking the pain meds and told her that I needed something different. She explained to me that it was most likely my Thyroid problems that were causing the swelling. She felt like I should stay on the pain medication that helped me so well.( I will add here that she has offered me many different pain meds and strong muscle relaxers and I have turned them down as I don't see the benefit of being out of pain if I am too high or too sleepy to enjoy it.) So anyway, she said to try a reduced dosage (1 pill 3 times a day) and if there was no swelling, just go back to my original dose. Well, this is what I did. There was no swelling, but I did need to go back to the 2 pills, 4 times a day dosage.

Now, I took the 6 that I had from my old prescription and then took the 120 pills in my new prescription. Which, BTW, had 3 refills available. So I used the Walmart automated refill phone line and ordered my refill. When I called to see if it was ready, I was told to speak to a pharmacy employee. She tells me that I can't get a refill because it was too soon, as I had been given a 40 day supply. I explained to her exactly what had transpired with my doctor and how I had been told to go back to the old dosage blah blah blah. She told me that I would have to get the doc to call in a NEW prescription. Even though I have 3 perfectly good authorized refills left. If you look to earlier posts of mine, you can see where I have had other run ins with Wally World employees thinking they work for the DEA. And really, it's not like I'm trying to get early refills on some hard core pain drug with street value. I just want to be able to walk! Also, this is especially stupid since they let folks get 90 day supplies of meds all the time. 

So, I call the doctor's office and ask to speak with my doctor or at least have her call me back. I explain to the receptionist ( or try to) what has happened. She tells me that I have to make an appointment to get a prescription and doesn't have the brain cells to understand that I ALREADY have a prescription but it needs to be adjusted. I have no insurance and do not have the cash to pay for a doctor's visit, when all of this could be handles with a couple of phone calls. Plain and simple, they just want more money. This is the same office that calls out of the blue sometimes, just to see if I need to come in for anything...

  I snapped the other day. After the umpteenth time of sitting for 45 minutes, combing my thigh length hair, my arms aching so bad that I may as well have been lifting weights, I pulled it all atop my head in a ponytail and  CHOPPED IT OFF! Not only that, I also dyed it burgundy! Now it is shoulder length and my head feels a zillion times lighter. Plus, I have lots of curls, with all that weight gone. I might be crippled, but by gosh, my hair looks good!


  1. {{{{{Dawna}}}}} I feel for you. I have not had to deal with Walmart pharmacy, but I have had to deal with problems with Hubby's prescriptions. You just want to pull your hair out when the pharmacy and doctor don't understand that you are just trying to not be in pain.

    However, have never wanted to chop my hair off! But it sounds like it looks gorgeous. So it was a good thing that you did!

  2. Walmart is great.(lots of sarcasm!) I think that all of the people that work at the doctor's offices and at Walmart are related. Just a thought!


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