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Top Ten Thursday - Top Ten Moments of Note, From the Past 7 Days

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday! I created this meme to add a little bit of variety to Frump Day ( no longer Hump Day, not yet Friday...) If you would like to participate, just create your own Top Ten post about anything your heart desires and add the link below. Everyone is welcome to join in. This should get really interesting...

Top Ten Moments of Note, From the Past 7 Days

1. Cina was making an omelet from eggs that our hens laid and one of them was double yolked! I have seen these several times in my life but it was a first for Cina and Selly. They were like the cavemen must have been when they first discovered fire! Needless to say, it put the brakes on our day for at least 45 minutes, while they called everyone in the house to come see and looked up information on the internet etc...

2. The bus driver whipped right by the girls stop without even slowing down again, this past Tuesday. He has done this on several occasions, even though the girls are in plain sight waiting at the stop. He always does this on the coldest mornings. Talking to his superiors at the school has gotten me nowhere. He has been doing this on a regular basis, since I reported him for talking filthy to Cina last year ( One day, as she boarded the bus, he stopped her and said, "Hey, do you know what porking is?" Cina was taken aback and replied, "I think so, but please don't explain it as I think it is something gross." He said, "Well, just make sure there's no porking going on on this bus." Other kids heard this conversation and verified it, when asked by the principal.).

Since then, he has targeted Cina. She gets sent to the office for things that other kids on the bus can do without getting into trouble. For example, other kids can walk all around the bus and change seats etc... yet Cina was sent to the office for standing up long enough to close her window. She even got written up one morning for something another kid did while Cina was sleeping. When I reported him the other day, he swore that he did not see the girls, even though they ran behind the bus screaming for him to stop. Several of the other kids called on Tuesday evening to say that they had all screamed for the driver to stop and told him the girls were running to behind and he ignored them.

I am fed up with the filthy pig. I have caught him on two occasions, pulled over at the end of my drive, taking a pee in plain sight. ( I realize that it is a long trip and maybe he needs to go pee-pee, but this is the boonies and there are plenty of places that are away from any homes, where he could pull over and relieve himself. He uses foul language on the bus. Shows up wearing Playboy and Hooter's attire. Makes all the Hispanic kids sit in one section, even though their stops are not close to each other and they're not in the same grade. I will have his job, even if I have to take this to the media!

3. Tallen amazed his dad by showing him how to use the search engine on YouTube. ROFL He was like, "Honey, you should have seen him! He told me he wanted to show me some LEGO structures and then typed the name of each one in the search engine on YouTube! There were like ten of them and he remembered the name of every single video!" This always cracks me up. Hubs usually walks around acting half interested in what is going on around here. Barely listening when I tell him something about the kids. Then, months or even years later, he actually see it with his own eyes, he goes all to pieces. Tallen has been surfing the net since he was only three and his memory is amazing. The other day, when Hubs saw him, he was online using the TV, via the Wii. Maybe, having it on the TV screen is why Hubs finally noticed...LOL

4. I mentioned to Hubs that, since he wasn't going to have the garbage disposal, that has been broken for forever, repaired, could he at least remove it and give me back a normal drain cover, thus saving me from having to retrieve stuff from "The Black Hole" every day. I almost fainted when, two days later, our friend arrived to install the new garbage disposal that Hubs had purchased. Our friend works at a plumbing supply warehouse and was able to use his discount and get us one fairly cheap. Color me impressed! I thought that maybe Hubs was turning over a new leaf.

5. Tallen discovered The Toy Food song on YouTube and memorized every word. He wanted to call his aunt "Worra" and sing it to her. We called her up and he did just that. But, instead of handing the phone back to me when he had finished, he shocked us all by asking her if he could sing another song. She told him "Sure." To our amazement, he sang "Hey There Delilah", it was so sweet that it brought tears to my eyes and my sisters too, I am sure. Then he sang "Pictures Of You". Next, he belted out "Over You" by Daughtry. But he wasn't finished by a long shot. He started free styling a song to Aunt "Worra" about how much he loved her etc... He sang with such passion, even rolling on the floor a time or two, playing air guitar. Ross sang backup through the whole thing. I tell you, the girls and I were so shocked and awed that we were literally laughing to the point of tears by the end of the performance. One thing is for sure about Tallen, he is full of surprises!

6. Renni took one of the kittens home with her. Yay! Then felt bad for it, because it seemed lonely, and came back for another one. Double yay!

7.This was longer than seven days ago but I'll tell it anyway... I was searching online for registered sex offenders, thinking maybe that perv that works for Hubs might be in listed there. I didn't find him, but I did find another man whose listed employer address seemed familiar. I Googled the address and was shocked to see that he works at a local candy factory. This was no petty offender. He had been convicted of Forcible Sodomy, among other things.

I was really annoyed as this place is a magnet for kids. They even advertise on our local channel as a great family stop and offer tours of the facilty, to see the candy being made. This isn't a large facility. Too add to my anger is the fact that I took my kids to that very place this summer! Had I known this guy worked there, I would never have gone.

So anyway, I immediately sent an email to the owner and informed her that the had a pedophile working there. She emailed me back and said that she was aware of this guys "past" and that there was no worry as he doesn't work out front in the candy store, but works in the factory portion, thus he isn't in contact with the public. This makes me crazy as he DOES come in contact with the public, considering that she gives tours of the factory, so folks can see candy being made. Plus, I thought that if someone is convicted of sex crimes against kids, they're not allowed to be within so many feet of a place where kids frequent. Lots of little kids tour this place every week and I feel like their parents wouldn't be taking them there if they knew what I now know. I'm not sure where to go from here. What would you do?

8. Cina took the PSAT yesterday. I am sure she did well, but she is really nervous, waiting for the results.

9. The girls and I were watching "The Secret" last night. I have seen it umpteen times but it was the first for the girls. They were so inspired by the message and were ready to implement what they learned into their own lives. During the last 15 minutes of the show, Hubs came home. He started complaining as he entered the house. He was tired, He was hungry. He was aching. Nobody cared. Nobody loved him. He was dying, depressed, dejected, and on and on. To the point that we could barely hear the TV. It was such a contrast, hearing what he was saying and also listening to the inspiring words on TV. The girls and I had a real laugh at the irony of it all.

10.Got a lot of great goodies this week! My sister ( the normal one) gave me a Twighlight shirt. Renni is so jealous! She also gave Tallen and Ross three new books. Renni found me a 1950's cookbook at the goodwill. It's really nice!

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  1. If you cannot get anywhere, call the Superintendent's office. It's amazing how that will get them hopping Make a cell phone video, too.

  2. #7 on your list really got my attention! If I was you, I would check and see what the laws of your state are. I thought that they can't be within so many feet of children, but I wonder if it depends on what state you live in.

    Concerning that bus driver, I would definitely contact the Superintendent and the School Board President. He sounds like a horrible representation of a bus driver!

  3. I love your top 10 Thursday idea.

    I had my share of awful school bus drivers.In Canada they are protected by union and you can complain till you blue in a face....

    Stopping by from SITS


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