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A Fly On The Wall Wednesday

Here are a few things you might have heard this week, had you been buzzing about The Castle of Chaos...

~After a huge temper tantrum, she came and sat on the sofa between me and Hubs. Rubbing her tummy, she said, "Whew, that made me hungwee! I think I need a shockowit (chocolate) bar."

~When I told him that he would need to watch a TV show in his room instead of the living room, he said very matter-of-factly, "I can't watch it in my room!" I asked just why he couldn't and his eyes got as big as saucers. "Because", he said, "there's a dead monkey in my closet!" You really had to be there but I tell you, something about the way he cooked that one up so quickly and his expression as he told that whopper, had me splitting my sides and I still have to chuckle each time I recall it.

~Hearing the mixer yesterday, Tallen strolled into the kitchen and asked what I was making. "A chocolate cake!" I said, adding an extra bit of excitement to my voice. He smiled. "A chocolate cake for me ?", he asked. "No", I said. "This cake is for everyone." His expression changed from happy to annoyed in a flash. "Yeah, right!", he said, "You're making that cake for Daddy and everybody knows it." The he walked away in a huff. I had to giggle at his attempt at being so "dramatic".

~The other day he asked, "Mama, will you buy me a heart puzzle?" He has always loved stars. I thought maybe he had graduated to hearts. "Maybe. Where did you see one?" He seemed  encouraged that I hadn't said no. "On the computer. I'll show you!" He hurried off to the kitchen computer to find the puzzle. "Here it is!" I was startled to see a medical model of a human heart on the screen. Seems he's been browsing around a place called "4-D something or another... "Ohh, Tallen. Are you sure you want that puzzle?" He said, "Yes! Next I want the inner ear and then I want a brain!" I think I'll start locking my bedroom door at night. LOL

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  1. Oh, to be a fly on the wall in your castle!
    Your kids are hysterical! Can't wait until my little one can speak well enough to come up with these shenanigans!



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