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A Fly On The Wall Wednesday

Here are a few things you might have heard this week, had you been buzzing about The Castle of Chaos...

Hubs, shouting through the house, "Honey!".
I pop my face around the living room door, "Yes?".
"What are you doing in there?"
"Writing my life story!", I announce smugly.
"Wait until tomorrow, then you'll have even more to write about."
" Hardy, Har, Har..."
"Am I in it?"
"Only for the first couple of chapters..."
[blink, blink]

Tallen said to me, in a very monotone and matter-of-fact way, yesterday, "You know I can see the past."
Not sure how to respond to that one, I just agreed with a questioning, "Yes...".
"You know I can see the future."
Again, "Yes...".
"Well, I'm just saying..."
I think he loves to catch me alone and spring these things on me. LOL It totally creeps me out. At least he didn't come right out and say, "I see dead people.". LOL
Cina says that he told her the exact same thing, yesterday afternoon.

Selly, as she was sweeping the kitchen floor, asked me, "Mom, how much does Magnolia cost?"
"Gosh, I'm not sure."
"Well, I think not much, since it is so ugly."
"Ugly? I think Magnolias are beautiful."
"I think they look cheap and are hard to keep clean."
A light bulb shines above my head, "Selly, don't you mean linoleum?"
"Yes, linoleum."
LOL She keeps us rolling with her word mix ups. I think maybe she comes by it honestly, from her dad.

While watching some TV last night, I commented on this lady who is some sort of expert on meteorites. "Her face is so strange. Part of her features are super-unattractive, and the rest of her features could belong to a supermodel.
Hubs hit rewind and paused the TV on a frame of this woman.
"There", I pointed,"Her nose looks as though it has been broken many times. Her hairline runs sideways and her ears are huge. But, her eyes are absolutely amazing, her lips are perfect, her cheeks bones are very defined, and her jaw line is almost chiseled."
"Yes", Hubs said, "and she has a clevis in her chin, just like you do."

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  1. ha ha this post is so cute and made me smile :) thanks for sharing... happy thursday from a fellow SITs girl



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