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Go Figure Friday or Things That Made me Go "Hmm..." This Week

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Here are this week's head scratchers and such...

Poor Tallen. He'll hate me for that one when he's older...

In other news...

   After living in our tenant house since August and paying zip on his electric bill, which is in our name, our friend informed me today that he is sure the total bill couldn't be over $50.00. I'll bet him my lumpy mattress against his heated water bed that he is wrong. Not to mention out of his freaking mind!

   Cina did wonderfully at her chorus performance. The whole group did. But of course I like Cina's solo the best. I'll upload the viseo as soon as I get it off the camera.

   We're expecting a couple of feet of snow before the weekend is over! I'm excited as it has been a long while since we have had a real snow in these parts.

    Christmas break starts for the girls tomorrow. They only have a half day at school. Cina has to leave and spend the vacation with her dad until Christmas eve. Unless the roads are to dangerous to travel *crosses fingers*.

     I have been writing my life story in blog form. I have chosen to keep that blog private until I get more written. I figure if it works out OK, I can always copy and paste it into Word, then to PDF, and submit it to a publisher, LOL Though it is all 100% true, I feel sure it will have to be published as fiction, since nobody could ever believe some of the things I have lived through.

     The whole Renni versus Contact problem has been solved. While trying to put them in the other morning, she dropped one and the cat ate it! She phoned to tell me what had happened and that she planned to call the eye doctor. I suggested that she might want to call a vet instead!


  1. The picture is awesome.

    $50.00 since August? I want some of what he's smoking, must be a good stuff or as my son would say: "he rejects your reality and substitutes it with his own".

    Stopping by from SITS


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