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Top Ten Thursday - Double Whammy Where The Heck I Have Been?`and New Year's Resolutions

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday! I created this meme to add a little bit of variety to Frump Day ( no longer Hump Day, not yet Friday...) If you would like to participate, just create your own Top Ten post about anything your heart desires and add the link below. Everyone is welcome to join in. This should get really interesting...

Yes, I dropped off the radar, right around Christmas. For anyone who wishes to know why, see below...

Top Ten Reason's I Have Not Been Blogging...

1. The girls have been on school break. Thus, I have been busy keeping four kids occupied during the day, instead of my usual two. The main thing with the older two is that they like to follow my every step and chatter all day. No way could I concentrate on blogging, while also playing 20 Questions 80's Trivia Edition, Before I Was Born Edition, and But Why Can't I Do This?! Edition

2. I have been blind. My stockpile of contact lenses has finally been depleted. I had been trying to make the last two pair last as long as possible,as I can't buy more without an examination, since my prescription has expired. So, I was alternating between these last flimsy pairs and some super-clunky, "naughty librarian-esque", black framed, glasses, that I wouldn't dare wear in public.

Well, that's where Tallen enters the story. First, he found my contact case and washed one of the last two pair down the sink. Thank goodness I happened to be wearing the other one! Then, when he saw the glasses, he hated them. I can't say as I blame him LOL. Well, they disturbed him so much that, while I was sleeping, he snagged them from the table and broke off both the earpieces. I could have cried when I found them! Tallen just said, " You shouldn't wear those glasses. You look like a jerk." Currently, I have them patched up with scotch tape...

3. I had an ongoing headache for four whole days. possibly due to the glasses/contacts fiasco. At any rate, the only thing that gave me even a few moments of relief was Benadryl. I have zero tolerance for an allergy medication. So, even though I took the recommended dosage for an average piss ant, it still sent me to LaLa Land.

4. Ross has been suffering from PPPMS (Pre-Pre-PRE-Menstrual Syndrome). The mood swings are unreal! Maybe it is the toddler equivalent to the After Christmas Blues. At any rate, she has been Hell on wheels! Mostly, I've been playing dead, during these tantrums. Praying she will just sniff me, poke me with her nose, and lumber off in another direction. I am praying that Children's Chewable Midol might soon be an option...

5. Remember that dog that Hubs drove all the way to Kentucky to get bred? Well, she was due on December 23rd. The poor thing was as big as a barn! Seeing as coon dogs make horrible house guests, I gave Hubs some of my Lowe's gift card stash and he bought the stuff to build her a heated whelping box, under the security of the awning of the tool shed. We purchased a heated mat to go inside and also rigged up the heat lamp that we had used for the chicks. Despite being toasty warm and having all the amenities that any dog could possibly dream of, she refused to have those pups on the right day. By Christmas, Hubs was frantic, He drove her to the vet and payed a whopping $175.00 for the lady to come out on Christmas, check the dogs cooter, and take her temperature. Then she told him the same thing I had, the dog was fine and just taking her sweet time. She finally had them them on Christmas night. Two of them died right at birth and two lived. That was it. Just four pups! All that expense for breeding etc... and Hubs wound up with only two living puppies. He can't even sell them as he needs to keep one and the other was promised to on of his dog handlers...

6. The girls and I have been sewing up a storm! We have had a blast playing with the sewing machine and serger. The serger isn't new, it's just been in the box for over a year, waiting for us to find the time to use it. Selly and I made Christmas stocking for all of us on Christmas Eve, I think they looked great. The girls also made themselves some pajama pants. Renni just came by today with a load of cloth that she got really cheap at The Salvation Army. I think we are going to make aprons from that.

7.I have been "gardening". I am bound and determined not to let Hubs talk me into waiting to start seeds until it is too late this coming Spring. Every year I listen and every year folks are already picking tomatoes before my seedlings are ready for the field, So, I bought a grow lamp at Lowe's and have been busy preparing a place to set up my mini-nursery...

8. Hubs and I have been at silent war. It is exhausting to be happy and in the holiday spirit, while also wanting to choke someone. Every year it is the same war. He thinks I should forget all that`has been said and done and haul Tallen up to the Christmas festivities at his mother's house. I refuse to go there and watch his daughter-in-law stare down her pointy nose at Tallen, like he is something she found stuck to her shoe. I refuse to break bread with his pothead, bullying, son. I refuse to smile at his drunken, gun weilding, whiney arsed brother, as if nothing has happened. And I definitely refuse to share oxygen with his oldest daughter, after the way she has put down our youngest two kids. She does this because she has no life, is about 200lbs overweight, and has no personality to speak of. She blames all of this on Hubs, for divorcing her mother. Frankly, if I were her, I'd be jealous of me and my adorable, intelligent, kids too....

9. I have been baking pies on an almost daily basis. Pecan and Old Fashioned Butterscotch. I figure it's the holidays and so I am making an exception LOL. Poor Cina is bone thin but eats like a horse.

10. I have basically been a little depressed and just doing a lot of soul searching.

New Year's Resolutions.

1. Get more exercise.

2. Take more time for me.

3. Be more crafty. I feel I should be allowed to devote as much time to my hobby as Hubs does his.

4. Try to get along with Hubs. Even if that sometimes means just pretending thatI can't hear a word he says.

5. Get Tallen on a stricter regimen. I have basically taken the free range approach with him, getting him to come out of his shell. It worked! Now I have to teach him to control himself a bit and help him learn to concentrate on one task at a time.

6. Look my best each day. I am going back to wearing makeup and fixing my hair nice each day. No more sweats and ponytails! well, not as much... LOL

7. Keep in touch with my friends more. I tend to withdraw and suffer in silence, thus losing touch with a lot of my friends at times.

8. Coupon more. I need to dedicate more time to this.

9 Start making a weekly menu.

10. Get organized!

11. Blog daily. It's like rinse cycle for my brain.I need that.

Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year!

    You can save yourself some dough and return the grow lamps. Shop lights with regular fluorescent bulbs work just fine for starting seeds and they are a fraction of the cost of grow lights.

  2. Stopping by from SITS! What a busy break!


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