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Saturday, I walked up to the hay field, taking hubs a glass of water, and I happened to look down and see the tiniest little Box Turtle. His leg was hurt and ants were crawling all over him. He was still alive so I took him home.

I quietly called Selly into the kitchen and let her see him. We purposely kept Tallen and Ross from seeing him, as we figured he wouldn't live long. Well, about an hour later, as Selly and I were checking him over for signs of life and concluding that he was dead, Tallen walked into the room and caught us...

"What is that? Is that a turtle!"
"Yes, Tallen, it's a turtle but he is probably dead."
He walked over to the container we had him in and said, "Hello, little turtle! My name is Tallen and I'm your new best friend!"
I gently reminded him, "Tallen, remember, he is dead, I think."
He smiled, "he's not dead, Mama. He's only sleeping with his eyes open.

Feeling sad for Tallen, I decided to leave the dead turtle inside for a while longer and sneak him out after Tallen fell asleep. Well, I was busy with other things in the living room, when I happened to glance in the kitchen and see Tallen's little hand place the turtle back into the container. Having heard stories before about turtles and Salmonella, I yelped, "Tallen, go wash your hands! I don't want you getting sick."
Returning from washing his hands, he said, "I won't get sick, Mama. I was just giving her a kiss on the mouth."
FAINT!"Tallen, go brush your teeth!"

Here are some pics of the little guy...

Here is a pic of my upside down tomato and cucumber plants...

And here is a close up of  a cucumber on the plant...

And finally, here is a pic of my Chihuahua puppy, Conky. He has stopped sleeping in the recliner footrest and has taking to sleeping on his back, in the floor. I just had to catch this shot to share. He looks so much like a plucked chicken, It cracks me up!


  1. I thought you were just entertaining us with a dog's butt. LOL!

    Did you have a funeral for the turtle?

  2. A turtle funeral would be a great idea!
    Such a small little creature.
    Stopping by from SITS. Hope you have a great day!


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