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Top Ten Thursday - The Top Ten Things I Love About Living in The Boonies

Welcome to Top Ten Thursday! I created this meme to add a little bit of variety to Frump Day ( no longer Hump Day, not yet Friday...) If you would like to participate, just create your own Top Ten post about anything your heart desires and add the link below. Everyone is welcome to join in. This should get really interesting...

Top Ten Things I Love About Living in The Boonies

1. The Sounds -
I can sit on the deck during the day and hear countless birds singing and bees buzzing. At night, I'm treated to a beautiful symphony of crickets and tree frogs. It's like Heaven on Earth!

2. The Silence -
I never hear traffic zooming past or the blare of car horns. An occasional plane overhead or the hum of a distant tractor is as loud as it gets.

3. No Leashes Required - My dogs can run and run and run some more, till they fall over, gasping for breath and still be on our property. I have never been called by an angry neighbor, demanding that I come get my dog. Plus, they can pee on any tree that their hearts so desire.

4. No Dress Code - If I suddenly realize at 10 PM that I forgot something out in the car, I can slip on my Croc-knockoffs and stroll right out the door in nothing but my bloomers and hole filled Pearl Jam T'shirt and the World in none the wiser (till after today anyway! LOL). Same goes for the mornings where I have to step out and unhitch the cat from my window screens. I worried for a bit that Google Maps might snap a pic with me in it, but I'm reckoning that the canopy of trees overhead will protect me.

5. Home Security - Of a sort...
The poor soul that stops and asks directions to my place is in for a real treat! Any good neighbor will ask him/her a zilllion questions like who they are, how they know me, and what they want with me. Eventually they do give in and share the directions. But I always get a call telling me that they're on the way. Heck, by the time they get done following country directions, I can bake a cake and decorate it with their name! That's always a nice surprise after a long journey.

6. The Produce - Apart from growing our own garden, there is also a steady stream of produce coming into our doors all summer, from folks all around. They never ask if we need or even want it, they just bring it. They shove a paper sack or plastic grocery bag at you and say, "Here. I brung y'all some tuh-ma-duhs." Or peppers, or squash, cabbage, cucumbers... To object would be rude. People always keep a stock of Mason jars and canning supplies on hand at this time of year. Because we never know when we might have a mess of fresh produce to put away.

7. Instant Expansion - Country folk love to have get-togethers. There is no way of knowing how many extra people might show up but it never causes a problem. Not enough soup? Just add more water! Not enough tables outside at the BBQ? Two saw horses and a piece of plywood covered with a bed sheet will suffice. 5 gallon buckets make great chairs when you flip 'em over. Surprise overnight guests? Make them a palette on the floor. More people than swimming pool? Load everyone up and head down to the hill to the river. You get the picture. The main thing is to never, ever, make anyone feel as if they are imposing.

8. Real yards -
I have seen yards so well tended and weed free that they almost look like Astro-turf. What fun is that? I love a yard with a few clover and buttercups scattered about. Throw in a few dandelions and the kids are busy for ages!

9. Folks Hate to Leave Each Other - They say their goodbyes in the house and it takes 10 more minutes of talking and taking little steps to make it to the door. Then another 30 on the porch and finally another 15 at the car. This happens even if they say there just stopping by on their way to somewhere else and "ain't got time to stay"

10. The Wave - Everybody waves at everyone. No need to know the person. On the street, in their yards, or even in a passing car. WAVE!

Bye, Y'all!


  1. That's why I want to go back to the country! Much nicer and it's okay if you step off your front porch with a loaded shotgun at night without the fear of having the law called on you by your neighbors!

  2. LOL Nancy! That happens around here more than folks would imagine. Hubs hunts a lot and finds himself staring down the barrel of a shotgun quite a lot. Takes about 2 seconds for the person to turn their frown to a smile, lower the gun, and shake his hand. LOL

  3. This is a really sweet post! I just moved to Wisconsin from Denver and it has been an experience! One that I am starting to enjoy because people really are friendly out here and the beauty of nature can't be denied!

    Now if only I can get my neighbors to share their veggies!

  4. Just hang in there, Tamara. Still plenty of time for harvests to come in! : )


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