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You Know That You Really Love Your Dog When...

She knocks out your air conditioning for a day and you don't list her on Pet Finders.

My dear, sweet, Golden/Chow, Chrissy absolutely loves to get outside and dig herself little hideaways. Her usual favorite spot is up under the bushes that line the back of the house. But she decided to change locations for some reason...

Yesterday morning, it seemed a bit warm inside the house but I felt air blowing from the vents and thought nothing of it. But, as the hours passed, it got hotter and hotter. I looked out and saw that the fan was not turning on the cooling unit outside. When we checked, we realized that Chrissy had managed to wallow on the thermostat wire until she had broken it loose from the unit. So, even though the fan was blowing on the inside unit, the cooling unit had no way to know it should turn on. Temps were in the 90's yesterday!

Long story short, it was after 8 PM last night, before our HVAC guy got our message and came over to fix the wire. By then, it was a whopping 87 degrees in the house and the younger kids were ill as hornets! Arguing and crying and whining. Really, I could have kissed this man when cold air started pouring from the vents again. All's well that ends well, I suppose.


  1. You're such a nice mama to not put your dog up for sale! LOL

  2. Oh my...nothing worse than kids mad as hornets.


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