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I have been busy, busy, busy, over the past few weeks. We've been Spring cleaning, gardening, landscaping, and now it's time for the kids to head back to school. Really, I've just been so overloaded that I even if I could have managed to string together a thought, I wouldn't have had the energy to type it out. At any rate. I have learned a few things...

Ross is a Natural Comedian

During the hottest days this summer, when Hubs thought I should roast and not turn on the air conditioner, and I thought he should poop in one hand and want in the other, to see which one got full first. I decided to mess with his head a bit. I told him about a relative of mine, who I used to visit as a child, and how her husband was too stingy to even let her turn on a fan in the summer. I explained that, to keep from dying of heat stroke, this woman had no choice but to dress like a total floozy all summer. How she pranced around the house in shorty shorts and bikini tops and eventually got the attention of a man other than her husband. A man that was more than happy to pay to keep her cool and buy anything else she wanted. Of course I told this in a joking manner, as you couldn't even pay me to walk around dressed like that.

Well, a few days after this conversation, I was absolutely burning up. Maybe it was a hot flash or something. At any rate, I could find nothing that was cool enough to wear. Selly recalled that I do own a halter top and went a dragged it out from the back of the closet. I'm sure Hubs thought I was making good on my threat, when I strolled into the living room. He hooted and whistled and all that other stuff that he has to do. Well, Ross, who is not accustomed to my new look, said,"Um, MomMom, you need to put on a shirt."
"Ross, I already have on a shirt."
"That's not a shirt, MomMom."
"Yes, it is."
She shook her head in protest.
"Well then, Miss Smarty Pants, if it isn't a shirt, then what is it?"
"I think it's called a belly flop."

I heard, "I think it's called a belly flop. Oh and, by the way, MomMom, I love spinach and positively hate chocolate bars. Picking up my toys and taking naps is my idea of a great time. That whole,'A vacation to Disney World is the dream of every child!' thing, is blown completely out of proportion! I want to wait until I'm 20 to get my Learner's Permit. Going on my first date at 35 will totally rock!"

Here are some more pictures of the little darling... I played around with the last one in PSP. I think it looks convincingly ancient.

Tallen May Be Planning a Prison Break...

  He hid away in his room the other day, for at least an hour, shouting updates to me every now and again. All he would say was that he was making something for me. After he lugged his project into the living room and granted me permission to uncover my eyes, this is what  I saw...

  A little man, built entirely from Tallen's clothes! I was so proud, I could have burst. The fact that he spent so much time, seeing his project through to the end, plus the fact that he planned the whole thing out, is no small hurdle for Tallen. I didn't tell him that it reminded me of Escape from Alcatraz...

Tallen May Have Asperger's but He Has No Issue with Public Speaking...

  A few weeks ago, we were at the local Health Department. The place was absolutely packed to the rafters, with folks catching up on shots and stuff for back-to-school. Tallen's older sister had him sit next to her in the waiting area, while Selly and I entertained Ross, over in the play area. That's when I heard it...

"Attention, Everyone! Attention!" The voice was clearly Tallen's and, in a packed room that was roaring with chatter a few moments before, you could have heard a pin drop.
"Everyone, you have to listen to me! Autobots and Decepticons are in the parking lot! Please stay inside, or they will step on you and crush you with their enormous feet!" It was precious how serious he was. His "audience" responded with light chuckles and understanding smiles.

  A little while later, he was walking on his toes through the play area and tripped over a toy barn, falling smack on his face. The loose tooth,  that he had refused to let me pull for three days, was knocked out for good. He insisted that he was fine, but my heart broke for him. We had promised him a trip to McDonald's and now he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to chew. The tears welled up in his big blue eyes and, before I could stop him, he had made his way to the entry of the play area...

" Attention, Everyone!"  Once again, he received a captivated audience. " I was walking across the floor and I tripped over that barn right there and fell on my face! And now, I am going to be toothless!" Tears rolled down his little face. The room responded with lots of "bless your heart:"s and "awww".

The Call of the Craft Cannot Be Ignored...

  After putting off doing the things I enjoy for way to long, I finally snapped. For the past two weeks, I have been crafting up a storm! I have crocheted, painted, made jewelry and soap, and went on arrowhead hunts. It has been pure bliss!
Moccasins that I crocheted for Ross  

I received a ton of discarded plates from a restaurant. I am painting them and putting recipes on them.

I have been working to get some things added to my Etsy shop, but it is slow going.



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