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Go Figure Friday or Things That Made Me Go "Hmmm..." This Week

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Here are this week's head scratchers and such...


"Mom, why don't girls have penises?"
"Because boy's have penises. If girls had penises, then they wouldn't be girls at all. They would be boys" That seemed simple enough, to the point, and not too involved.
"Yes, Tallen?"
"I really wish girls could have penises."
"So they could pee." He was serious.
"Well, that's a very good reason."
   Around here, when someone has an eyelash on their cheek, we point it out. Then they place it on their fingertip, close their eyes, make a wish, and blow it away. I'm pretty sure most folks do that. If not, forgive me for warping my children, I was raised in the boonies, where we were hard up for entertainment.
  While most of us find a loose eyelash, at least a few times a week, Tallen's extra-long, amazingly beautiful, lashes, rarely fall out, if ever. Cina was admiring his lashes the other day and said, "Your lashes aren't like mine, Tallen. They never fall out."
 Tallen replied, "I know. Maybe I could borrow a few of yours and make a wish for another pack of ham."
   His monotone voice and the way he says everything so serious, just makes the funny things he says even more funny. He loves ham. So much so, we have to ration it out by hiding part of the package and pretending we are out of ham, until the next day.

  Last week, Hubs borrowed my rechargeable screwdriver and it didn't work after that. Last night, I decided to "fix" it. Actually, I just figured I would take it completely apart and look for anything blazingly obvious, that was wrong. I couldn't find a thing, but decided we would try to buy a new flash cell battery for it. I left it completely disassembled on the counter.
   Tallen had been in his room when I took it apart. He saw the parts on the counter later and started picking them up. I scolded him and told him that I was trying to fix that screwdriver and I didn't want him losing the pieces. Then I left to feed the puppy. When I returned, there sat the screwdriver, completely reassembled, sitting on it's charger! Tallen said, "Mom, you break things and I put them back together for you."



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  2. Send Tallen my way! I have a ton of things that he can fix! Wow what a smarty!


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