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Go Figure Friday or Things That Made Me Go "Hmmm..." This Week

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Here are this week's head scratchers and such...

Dog Days

Most of y'all know of the ordeal I had a few weeks ago, with my Chihuahua, Lola. For those that don't, she had trouble giving birth, wound up having a hysterectomy, and I raised her one surviving pup,Uno, on a bottle.

Most of y'all also know that my Hubs raises hunting dogs and that he loves them more than me. No kidding. Anyway, last weekend, one of his bitches (hey, that's what breeders call them) went into labor, had four puppies and then went into distress. She wound up having a c-section (AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! as if we needed this!), where they removed three more puppies. Two dead, one alive. Hubs went by and got the pup and brought it home for me to take care of, along with the other four. One of those, who had been in bad shape to begin with, passed away before day's end. So I was back to tending to just four. BTW, these pups were born being larger than my Uno, who was five weeks old at the time.

Long story, only slightly less long, Hubs discussed that his dog was a prize winning bitch and the value of her pups etc... with one vet, who agreed to do her surgery. This dog has had a litter before, with no trouble, so the vet agreed that there was no reason she shouldn't be OK to have more pups later on. That vet passed off the detail to a colleague, who had no idea that she wasn't supposed to go ahead and just spay Hub's high dollar hound. When Hubs went by to get the pup, he asked the lady if she had spayed the dog. She assumed he was asking in hopes that she had and replied "Oh yeah, you won't have to worry about this happening again." I am guessing Hubs probably peed a little. I know that he was boiling mad. But, as Hubs never acts insane in public, he just smiled and nodded, and acted like an ass to me for days.

I can't say as I blame the lady. The other vet forgot to tell her and frankly, these hunting dogs really don't look like the important, expensive, dogs that they are. I understand Hubs being upset as well. Her pups will sell for quite a bit, but the vet bills on this litter alone, will cancel out any profit he would have made. And now, he can never breed her again. So, all the money and time he has spent, hunting her in competitions and building up her record, has gone down the tubes.

But, I especially feel bad for me. I really do not have the energy to take care of these pups for 7 more weeks. I mean, I have to feed them and help them go potty, every three hours. They are LOUD!  Plus, they smell funky.I assure you, with the way Hubs treats me, I am doing this only out of my love for animals. Period.

 Then yesterday, my poor Uno had a seizure. She is like the size of a gerbil or something. I was sure she was about to die right then and there. The vet was closed. Thank goodness I thought to get on Google and look for help. I discovered that these tiny pups can have seizures from a drop in blood sugar. She was over the seizure but still walking all wobbly, when I did as suggested and rubbed corn syrup on her gums. I swear to you, that pup was acting like herself in less than a minute. It was so freaky. She has a vet appointment on Monday.

Tallen Explains it All...

Last night, Selly made a comment that she thought her tummy was getting large. Tallen assumed she was saying that she is pregnant. He said, "Listen, Selly, you are a teen. Teens do not get pregnant. First, you'll need to turn into a lizard, then a dinosaur, then a caveman. Next, you get a seed. Then you go to the hospital." When she gets older and experiences child birth, she'll realize that Tallen's way would have been easiest.

The girls were out of school yesterday and helped me around the house. Cina, after finding Tallen at the end of a trail of clothes, food wrappers, and various other stuff, said to Tallen, "Look Tallen, I'm getting tired of this. You make messes like a pig." He replied , "I'm not a pig. I'm a redneck!"

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  1. I can't believe they spayed her. That is incredible. Sorry you had to take the brunt of it!
    Came over from SITS to say hi.

  2. Wait....the vet "accidentally" spayed his dog and still expects to be paid anything???

    Your hubby needs to tell them to drop all the charges in exchange for him not suing them.

    Unless, of course, he wants to sue them.

  3. he proudly declares himself to be a redneck - how funny!


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