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My Favorite Road Trip

About fifteen years ago, my then boyfriend was stationed at Fort Bragg NC. I lived in Virginia at that time. He would drive up on weekends and stay until Sunday evenings, when he'd hit the road and make the long trip back to his barracks. I liked this arrangement, as I had never been happy about driving, especially long distances.

Then it happened. After a long month of not seeing each other, he called to tell me that his car was in the shop. If we were to see each other that coming weekend, I would have to drive down there. I played it cool and acted as if it was no problem. In reality, I had a huge lump of fear in my throat.

On the day of my trip, I had a relative check my tires and all the fluids. Then I loaded up my belongings, including a cooler full of drinks, and hit the road! My plan was to have everything I needed in the car, saving myself from needing to stop in strange towns. This was almost a perfect plan...

The heat was almost unbearable in the car, as I had no air conditioning. Eventually, I decided to remove my bra, hoping to cool off a bit. Being the genius that I am, I hooked it around my neck. That way, should I need to put it back on in a hurry, I would have no problem finding it.

About three hours into my six hour drive, mother nature started to call. I took the next exit and searched for a gas station. Finally finding one, I pulled to the side with the restroom, left the car running, and made a mad dash for the door with the "Ladies" sign. It was locked. I shuffled, knees together, into the gas station and asked the man behind the counter for the key. I thought I noticed him snickering. I took the key and thanked him. Before I could even turn to walk away, I saw that his face was turning red and he was choking on laughter. Deciding he was crazy, I made my way out the door and to the restroom.

After I had taken care of business, I stopped at the sink to wash my hands. Like all women, I took a moment to check my appearance in the mirror. There I was, staring back at myself, pretty as a picture, with a pair of leopard print C cups, bulging from beneath my chin. I had completely forgotten about putting the bra on my neck! I didn't make eye contact, when I returned the key.

Eventually, I made it to my destination, intact, with a funny story to tell. This was my favorite road trip, because I made this trip, even though I was scared out of my mind. Afterward, I felt so much more confident about myself and what I could accomplish, if I would only face my fears.

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  1. oh my gosh, that's awesome! hey, at least it was a sexy leopard bra & not one of those nasty ones that we all own w/ the fraying elastic & sweat stains.
    wait, did i just go too far?

  2. LOL I was only saved by the fact that I was headed to see my BF and not my grandma!

  3. Oh my gosh that is too funny! I agree at least it was a nice one! I never would have thought to keep it around my neck just in case!
    Stopping by from SITS

  4. Coming at you from SITS!

    My kids and I have some funny road trip stories. They almost all have something to do with a short-cut or small detour that turned into an adventure- good or bad- that we can laugh about years later...
    Like the time Grandma almost got run over by a Saturn!

  5. Thanks for stopping by, y'all! I came up with the bra around the neck trick, due to the horrible conditions of my BF's car. It was spotless on our first date, then I never saw it clean again. lol


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