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Favorite Things

I thought it was only fair, to post my list of Favorite Things after Christmas. By that time, I have actually had a chance to see a few of my shopping choices in action.

Melissa &  Doug Puppets
These puppets are well made and are reasonably priced. They have increased by a few dollars, since Christmas, but are still a great buy.

   Tallen received the police officer and Ross got the princess. I have been pleasantly surprised with the hours of "no batteries required" play, that my two little ones have enjoyed. They turned the back of the sofa into a makeshift puppet theater stage and have been performing to a packed house, since Christmas.

   I already have plans to add to their collection. Maybe for Easter and birthdays.

Toy Story 3

What can I say? Hilarious, even for us "big kids"! Tallen has watched this over and over. He laughs hysterically, all the way through. Anyone with an Aspie child can tell you that genuine hysterical laughter from them is a rare and treasured thing. Selly loved it as well. She did cry at the end, though...

Organic Raw Chia Seeds

It's no secret that I have several health issues. Well. a couple of weeks ago, I remembered the Oprah episode, where doctor Oz was talking about the amazing health benefits of a little black seed. But, I could not remember the name for the life of me. That seems especially stupid, now that I know I should have been reminded by one of the bazillion "Ch Ch Chia!" commercials that blare all through Christmas. Anywho, I Googled "little black seed Dr. Oz" and eventually found the information I needed. I placed an order for these and waited.

While waiting, I read up on how to use them, their health benefits, etc... The first time I tried them. I sprinkled some on my pizza. They added no taste, which is a plus, but they kept falling off. LOL So I did as suggested by many and placed 1/3 cup of seeds into 2 cups of water and let them plump up. Each morning, for maybe 7 days, I would pop a couple of teaspoons of this goop into my mouth, and chase it with a drink of something. Just like taking a pill. I kept waiting for that kickapoo joy juice like effect to kick in. Sure enough, after a couple of days, I felt my energy levels picking up. I wasn't as light headed, which is a sign that my iron levels were improving. But here is the best, unexpected part...

                                   Hubs ran out, the day after Christmas and bought me clothes as a gift. I know... I was shocked as well. Anyway, I looked at the jeans, the sweatsuit, the sweater, and I could have cried. Every single piece was the wrong size. Hubs was pushing me to try them on and I had to tell them they would be too small. He said he didn't think so, but no way was I going to try to stuff myself in them, just to have him laugh at the results. So I put the bags aside, until the clothes could be returned. Hubs asked me every single day, for the next week, if I had tried them on. Finally, just to make him shut up, I decided to prove to him that everything was too small.

                                 I crept off to my room and took out the jeans. To my surprise, the jeans that should have been two sizes too small, slipped right over my hips and I was able to button and zip them, no problem! In shock, I bent over, did squats, everything but a back bend, waiting for them to feel tight and uncomfortable, it didn't happen. I could have cried. For real. The same scenario played out with all of the other clothes.

                                 I never weigh, unless it happens at a doctors office, so I had no clue if I had actually lost pounds. The reason for this is that I had issues with anorexia as a teen and since then, I try not to give a scale the chance to send me spiraling into the hellish depths of food deprivation. Anyway, I broke my own rule and hopped on the scale. I had lost almost fourteen pounds, since my doctor visit in November! This is without trying and with absolutely no cutting back on what I eat. I am convinced it is the Chia seeds.

Sourdough Bread Starter
I have been wanting to try making my own starter, for many years now. After finding THIS easy method, I am so glad I did. I have had mine going for a little over a month now and have even share it with someone. The breads I have made came out so light and fluffy inside, it was like they came from a bakery! HERE is my favorite recipe to use my starter in. It is so good! It slices really well, which makes it great for sandwiches. The girls put slices in the toaster and eat them with butter and jelly. So far, I haven't had to toss a single crumb, due to staleness.

Black and Decker Smart Select Cordless Screwdriver

  I bought this baby, as a Christmas present to myself. Hubs had borrowed and ultimately destroyed my old favorite screwdriver, back in the summer. I am forever needing to repair something, or hang something, or well, getting a wild hair and trying to build something.

   Why did I buy this one? Plain and simple, I found it on Ebay's daily deal page and it was cheap. Let me tell you though, I am so glad I am a penny pincher! This little baby is like the cute teddy bear of cordless drills! It fits perfectly into my freakishly small hands. The pistol-grip is so comfortable, making it easy to hold for extended periods of time, with no flare ups of my chronic hand pain. It has a magnetic screw holder/guide. A really bright LED light that sines where you are putting the screw. And almost best of all, it has a little drill bit! This is perfect for when I am making jewelry and need to put a hole in something. Finally, it holds a charge for a full 18 months. I love, love, love it!

Wobble Deck

 I am pinning a lot of hopes on this toy. When I saw it, I knew right away that I wanted Tallen to have this for Christmas. Although Tallen has overcome so many obstacles, he has yet to stop toe walking. I know it has to be because he just isn't used to the sensation of having his feet flat on the floor. This game requires that his feet are flat on the board while playing. He maneuvers his body, matching patterns of colors, or playing instruments. So far, so good. He loves it! I'm going to try and get him on this daily. I'm hoping it will slowly stretch the tendons and muscles, in his legs and feet, making standing flat footed a thing of second nature.

Anyway, there you have it! I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!

FYI I received no compensation, monetary or otherwise, for reviewing these products. I purchased these on my own, with my own funds, and am simply sharing my opinion of each item.


  1. those seeds sound fabulous to me too! i could use some extra energy & smaller pants! totally willing to swallow some goo if it'll help. just found out i'm anemic again, so that would probably help w/ that too.
    cool deal on the wobble board! sounds like fun for the kids & with a leg benefit too. brooke was a major toe walker & still is sometimes. thankfully she's stopped enough that they didn't make her wear special shoes.

  2. I'm SOO going to buy those seeds!!! Thanks for all this fabulous info!


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