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Our Exciting Afternoon...

I'll begin by pointing out that we have had a slow leaking tire on the front driver's side for several weeks now. We've just been starting up the air compressor each time we need to use the Durango and pumping up the tire. I had asked Hub's to pick up a can of Fix-a-Flat yesterday, but it slipped his mind.

All four of the kids had appointments for eye exams this afternoon. I woke this morning with that familiar lump in my stomach, warning me to just stay at home.I ignored that same feeling a few years ago and wound up staring at the underbelly of a tractor-trailer from the squashed remains of our car. I was worried about that tire. I even told Hubs this morning, "You're going to keep putting off getting that tire fixed, till it's gonna blow out and kill us all". I sent Renni a text via Yahoo and asked her to call and reschedule their appointments, as Hubs had the phone tied up. She called but the office was closed for lunch till after 1:30. I just told her to forget it. We picked up the older girls from school and headed to town.

Halfway there, we topped a hill going 55. There was a big white truck stopped in the road ahead.Hubs hit the brakes and the pedal went clear to the floor. Unable to stop, he went over into the other lane to avoid the truck and there sat a school bus. He hit the brakes again and this time the back brakes locked. The car immediately went into a doughnut spin, making one complete and another half a circle. Amazingly, when we came to a stop, the Durango was turned headed back toward home, sitting in between the white truck and the car in front of it.We hadn't hit a thing! It was almost like we had been picked up and sat down between those two vehicles. We pulled into a field just off the road and checked everyone out. We were all fine, except for a pull to my back.

Poor Tallen was crying and screaming, "Daddy, tried to kill us all! We're on the grass! Get us off the grass! We're not allowed to park on the grass!" Ross, on the other hand, wasn't upset at all. She said, "That just was a nice, driving in that circle.!" Cina said, "That wasn't supposed to happen, Ross" She replied, " But it sure was fun!"

We made our way to town, slowly, as we had only back brakes. Hubs left us at the eye doctor and went across the street to a garage. As it turns out, our brake line had busted.

I feel so blessed that none of us was seriously injured. Angels were definitely riding with us today!


  1. WOW - you gotta listen to that belly - so glad that you are all okay. How scary.

    Love to you
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  2. I'd just rather not ever get in a car again after that story! Shudder! Love the kids reactions, though!


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