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Moldy Potting Soil?

While I am not extremely allergic, there are certain molds that I can detect from a mile away (exaggerating), immediately by the smell, soon followed by a stabbing pain in my head. I had this experience when I walked into my kitchen this morning...

As I entered the room, I started to sneeze. While pouring my coffee, I got a whiff of a moldy smell. Scanning the room, I saw no obvious culprit. As I passed the dining area, the scent became stronger, so I stopped to investigate and saw a vase of flowers on the table. DUH! That had to be it, as Selly had placed those there quite a few days ago. I quickly tossed the flowers out the back door and rinsed the vase. Problem solved. NOT!

When I went to refill my coffee cup, the mold scent slapped me upside my head again. My head was starting to pound, so I took a Benadryl and decided that, once it had time to take effect, I had to find the source of this mold. I soon returned and began sniffing around the kitchen like a Bloodhound. I honed in on the table and then discovered the true source, sitting in a chair that was pushed in. A bag of potting soil!

When I had gone shopping with Renni, on Tuesday afternoon, I had purchased a couple of strawberry plants and a tiny small bag of soil, planning to let the little ones re-pot them and care for their very own plants. With my birthday being yesterday, the kids going to the park etc..., I had really just let the whole planting thing slip my mind. I'm not sure how it wound up in the chair. At any rate, there it was, still sealed shut and positively blasting it's surrounding area with mold. I am so glad I found this before opening it around Tallen and Ross. I suppose I didn't notice while bringing it home, as Renni had placed it in the rear of her car. Now I am not even sure I could stand to share a car with it long enough to return it to the store. So annoying...

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