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Star Spangled Headband

A few years ago, when I found a sewing machine hidden behind a stack of wood in the garage, I was tickled pink. This machine had belonged to my husband's great aunt and she had passed it on to him before she died.He doesn't sew, so there it sat for years, collecting dust. It has a beautiful wood cabinet with drawers. I cleaned it up and it now sits in my dining room.

You may ask just how I could have lived here and missed an entire sewing machine for years. Well, hubs had the garage piled full of wood etc... along the walls, from day one of my being here. Not having a huge interest in plywood, I had never really investigated that area of the garage. Had it not been for helping a little hummingbird make it back outdoors, I probably still would not have found it. Although I was thrilled with the machine and cabinet, my real joy was sorting through the drawers of vintage attachments and sewing notions. There was a buttonhole attachment that is so huge it is comical. There were also lots of button and trims.One package, still sealed and dingy with years of dust, contained 1.5 years of ribbon with stars on it. I left it as it was, certain the ribbon would probably be stained or what have you. I opened it the other day and was thrilled to see that the ribbon was bright and beautiful. Not dingy as it had appeared. Also, the star pattern was not printed on. It was actually embroidered. I set to work with a headband blank and created this Star Spangled headband. Ross claimed it immediately. I only managed a pic by catching her sleeping and sneaking it from her dresser for a brief moment. What craft projects are the rest of you working on?

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  1. I love that you are using the sewing machine. I'm sure she would approve! And I love the headband.


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