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Update Schmupdate

What have I been up to? Well...

For starters, I have chopped off quite a lot of my hair. Now it is super curly and my head feel ten pounds lighter! Soon, on a day when I don't feel like I'm the ugliest person on Earth, I will take and updated profile pic.

I have been collecting bracket fungus and dyeing, then drying it. I'm still experimenting as exactly what I can do with it.
I just made a fresh batch of soap and am still waiting for it to set up. This time it is raw Sourwood Honey, from here on the farm, with Organic, Fair Trade Rose Hip and Hibiscus Tea, with added Honeysuckle scent. I added no color and it turned out a strange, dark blue/purple color. Oh well... I have also been at work uploaded some vintage patterns to my Etsy shop. What have all of you been up too?

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