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Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

I was at work the other day and logged onto http://get.wildblue.com/internet-provider/south-carolina/b/bennettsville/ to look into getting internet service out our house. We have done without all these years, but I decided that it was finally time for us to get the internet at our house. I have always hated not being able to check my e-mail on the weekends. I usually check my personal e-mail after I get off of work. Sometime I end up staying more than an hour after work, just to check my e-mail and also do a little internet shopping. I decided that I am going to surprise my husband with the internet service for a Christmas gift. I think that he is going to enjoy having the internet at the house much more than he thinks that he will. Who knows, maybe I can convince him to create a Facebook account. I think that he would actually like to stay in touch with his friends from high school that are scattered around the country and that he doesn’t get to see often. I’m sure that he will like his Christmas surprise.

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