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Gift Cards Rock! and the Reasons They Make a Perect Gift

There was a time that I would have never given a gift card as a gift. I felt they were impersonal. As if I were telling the recipient, "Here, pick out your own gift, you aren't worth the trouble." My ideas have changed over the years. Now there are gift cards for almost every store and nearly any product. I am now a convert that loves to give gift cards as well as receive them.

I feel that the way a gift card if received depends completely on the presentation. Stuffing one in an envelope and scrawling the recipients name across the front is a definite no go. I like to be more creative. I'll fill a small basket with snacks and a couple of packs of instant hot chocolate and tuck in a gift card for a local video store or vending machine. I'll purchase some oven mitts and print off a copy of my favorite recipe, then place them in a basket with a grocery store gift card that will cover the cost of the ingredients. The secret is to envision how the person will be using the card and then gift it along with other complimentary items.

One of the best gifts I ever received was a basketful of haircare items and a gift card for a local hair salon. Presenting someone with a gift card can be done in such a way that they still feel like you have put a lot of thought and love into choosing the perfect gift for them.

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  1. I am still not completely sold on gift cards. More often than not I give them to teenagers who are generally pretty hard to buy for if they don't belong to you.


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