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Fed Up Dad Shoots Laptop and Shares on Daughter's Facebook Wall

I'm still weighing how I feel about this. I don't know their history, which makes it harder. Obviously, he is fed up, and I can certainly relate to that. Reactions?


  1. I think it's obnoxious. Yes it's possible that he's a perfect dad and this is one moment of tough love, but I highly highly doubt it. It sounds immature. She's being a jerk to her parents and he's trying to tit for tat her, and humiliating her and cursing, so sounds like they've got a bad cycle going. And who grounds a 15 year old for 3 months for being sassy? And now it's way worse...

  2. I agree with ababynanny. I think he was being ridiculous and now he just created a bigger rift between his daughter and himself... way to close the lines of communication!


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