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A Cry for Help

Seriously. I am to the point of tears and I need your help...

    I have always suffered with horribly dry skin. Assuming it was just part of the symptoms of thyroid disease, I have always just dealt with it the best that I could. As a small child, I really didn't pay it so much mind. As a teen, it was a dream, as I never had acne. After that, it has been years of trying different soaps and lotions and scrubs, praying for something that would help for more than a few hours. Nothing did.

   As I reached my late thirties, my skin became much worse. Now, nothing worked to soften my skin, even for a few hours. Though I took great care to never go barefoot, my heels began to thicken and crack. I can't remember the last time I wore a sandal or any other shoe that would expose the backs and heels of my feet. The same thing happened with my elbows. I could exfoliate till they bled, only making them look worse. I had to stop wearing foundation under my makeup because, no matter how much I moisturized or which brand of makeup I tried, it turned out looking like a flaky mess. I was depressed and I felt uglier than I ever had.

   Fast forward to a little over a week ago... I had been put through the wringer, mentally and physically, over the last several months. (I will update everyone on things over the next few days). I felt drained. Like I had smacked a brick wall. I remembered a supplement that I have heard about over the years and had always wanted to try. Actually, I cringe at using the word "supplement", because this is not a vitamin or one of those bullshit products that claims to cure everything under the sun. It's just a naturally growing plant that has been shown to help folks regain energy and provide them with much needed nutrients. I'm not trying to push a product here or anything like that, so I'm not mentioning the food, nor the brand that I chose to try. I just happened to have traded in some points at one of the social groups I belong to and received a gift card to Amazon, allowing me the chance to try this without losing any "real" money. I eagerly awaited its arrival.

   Upon opening the container, I was assaulted by the unpleasant smell. I had expected this, as the customer reviews had warned that the smell and taste was atrocious. As it is a powder, I quickly stirred up the recommended amount in some iced tea, held my nose, and drank it down. All was good until I burped and actually tasted it. I THOUGHT I WOULD HURL!! Instead, I went for a walk outside, letting the fresh air settle my nausea. Both Hubs and Selly also drank this on the first day and will not touch it again.

 I had pretty much decided that, unless I could find a better way to get this stuff down, I would never take it again either. Then, within a few hours, I noticed a section of my left calf that was a smooth a butter. I was so freaked out by it that I called Selly over and had her touch the spot on my leg. "Oh my gosh, MOM! What did you do?" Knowing how rough my skin is, she was as amazed as me. Hubs basically just grunted and kept watching his show.

  Over the next 24 hours, I went through what has to be one of the strangest events of my life... Minute by minute, hour by hour, my skin was transforming. What had started as a small spot on my left leg, had spread over that leg and then the right leg, my arms, my face, my whole freaking body was becoming soft as butter.I am almost certain that this is how a snake feels when she sheds her old skin. No way around it, it had to be the butt nasty stuff that I ingested, making this amazing difference.

  On the second day, I gagged my way through another dose of it. By this point, my elbows felt exactly the same as the skin on my arms and legs. SOFT! SMOOTH! PRETTY! I reached down, pulled down my sock, and checked the one place that I was pretty sure would have remained the same, my ugly busted heel. Guess what? Even though it wasn't as far along as my elbow, the skin  had thinned out and was no longer rough and cracked, and they have been getting nicer each day. Even Hubs has commented at this point. Honestly, I feel like a magic wand has been waved over me. For the first time in my life, I have beautiful, supple, skin.

   However, everyday, it is getting harder and harder to make myself drink this stuff. Even harder to keep from hurling it back up. I have tried mixing it into every concoction I can think of and the nastiness always wins out. Any and all tips and tricks for making this stuff easier to take would be appreciated. I really don't want to give it up.


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  1. can you get it put in capsules??? there are people who will "encapsulate" placentas, you know? you could probably buy some capsules yourself, pour them in a few and shut them... and toss them back... otherwise... it'll be nearly impossible to avoid the taste. I heard once that astronauts most ask for chocolate and tomatoes sauce because they have the strongest flavors and I like cranberry juice and garlic to mask flavors... PLEASE tell me what you got... my hands are cracked and bleeding right now sister! :)

  2. also, you probably already know this but many actually don't. Drink as much water as you can for dry skin. Wash your pits and stuff, but don't stand under hot water everyday, ever actually, it strips your skin off it's natural oils. And olive oil is a great natural moisturizer!

  3. ababynanny, it is the blue-green algae stuff. I purchased the NOW brand powder, as it was the one that had the best reviews and was totally organic etc... I wanted to have it in it's purest form, which may be why it tastes so bad. I had thought of capsules to fill, but decided to try the ready made tablets by the same company and am hoping they are as potent as the powder. They are 1/3 cheaper.

    I don't know that this stuff would even help another person, but the change in my skin has been nothing less than a miracle. It may just contain a vitamin or something that I have always been deficient in and never knew.

    At any rate, my tablets arrive later today. If you want me to send some of both kinds your way(sharing what I have) to let you try, before spending money on it, just a shipping addy to my email and I will pop it in the mail. Thanks for the ideas on getting it down. The best I have tried so far is black coffee w/sugar, as it dissolves it the best.


  4. Laura,
    Thanks for the tips. Honestly, I have tried it all, or at least thought I had. I have downed enough water that I should have grown gills by now. If there is a trick to better skin, I have most likely tried it. Nothing ever worked and I only stumbled upon the stuff that did by accident.

    After a lifetime of trying everything under the sun, I can honestly say that this is the best skin I have ever had. With no lotions, no special soaps, nothing external, it is as soft as can be. It has to be something in the algae.

    Thanks for the ideas :)

  5. Happy to report that the tablet form is wonderful, so far. Smells a little, but no bad taste at all. : )


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