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Hubs Got Screwed By The Garbage Man...

He had an appointment to have some blood work done, yesterday. Maybe thirty minutes after he left, the phone rang...

"Hey, Honey. I was just in a wreck."
"Yeah, was sitting in traffic behind a garbage truck and the driver put the truck into reverse and backed right into me."
"Are you OK?"
"Yeah, but my fender is bent all to hell."
"What did the police say?"
"Nothing. The guy got his boss on the phone right away and he told me he's take care of any damages."
"Yeah, but I'd feel better if you called the police and reported everything, just in case..."
"I don't have time! I'll be late for my appointment."
"I can call them and explain..."
"Nah. It'll be fine. He seemed like a good guy."

Three hours later, the phone rang again...
"Hi, Hon. Can you look up a number for me? I called the one the guy gave me and it isn't working."

I looked up the number online and gave it to Hubs. It rang but no one picked up. So Hubs had me look for the address of the garbage company. I found that and gave him directions.

A bit later, the phone rang again...

"I drove to the address and it's just an empty lot. I talked to the man across the road and he said the guy used to park his garbage trucks on that lot, but that he hasn't in ages."

Anyway, after a few more hours of calling, someone finally answered and gave him the insurance information he needed. He spoke with their provider who told him to get an estimate  and that they could most likely just pay for his costs right there at the office.

However, he received a follow--up call from the guy's agent a bit later, asking for the number on the truck. Of course Hubs had no clue and was told that they won't pay for the damages unless he can give him the number of which truck it was. Total bullshit, as the place has like two trucks. Of course the driver is not volunteering any information.

Had he bothered to listen to me to begin with, there would be a police report with all the information he needs. Grrr...

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  1. Yeah, even when the other driver offers insurance info, I call the police. I have had TWO people in the past give me expired insurance info.


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