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Super Creepy...

Last week, like Thursday or Friday night, I had a strange dream. My cousin, who I haven't seen for ages in real life, was in the hospital and I was visiting him. He had two big square band-aids on his upper left arm and one just like them over his heart. The nurse had written on these bandages in pen, but it was in a foreign language, so I couldn't read what they said. He was upset and convinced that the nurse had written "Dead by Tuesday" on the bandages. Thinking this was ridiculous and wanting to calm him down, I called the nurse over and explained to her what my cousin thought she had written and asked to know what the bandages really said. She said, "Oh, he's right. That's EXACTLY what I wrote. We've started doing this to help us keep up with who is going to die and when."

   I woke up and was very shaken by the dream. I told my husband and daughters and they all agreed that the dream was frightening. I found out Tuesday that my cousin had passed away from a heart attack on Monday night. He had actually been hospitalized with a heart attack on Friday night, was released on Sunday, but got worse and returned on Monday, then passed away that night.

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  1. Definitely creepy! Coincidence? Some would make you crazy trying to figure it out.

  2. I have had similar things happen over the years. I believe everyone must be connected on some level that we can't even understand.


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