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A Quiz...

Here's a little quiz for you folks. I know these questions are really hard, but please just answer to the best of your ability...

1. You take your 11 year old daughter swimming and a while later she gets an earache so bad, that she is sobbing in pain. You:

A.Take her home and have her place a warm towel under the ear and give her something for the pain. Hoping it will be better tomorrow.


her to the emergency room. An earache this severe is not normal.

C. Remain at your mother's house, drinking coffee and chatting. Finally getting the kid home around midnight, where she cries herself to sleep, eventually passing out from exhaustion, never yet having been given a thing for pain.

2.The next morning, your daughter wakes and is no longer in pain, but has something oozing from her ear. You:

A. Call the doctor and make an appointment.

B. Call the doctor and make an appointment.

C. Call the doctor and make an appointment.

D.Ignore this blazing red flag that something is wrong and carry on with your day.

3. 1.5 years later, you take your daughter to the doctor for the first time. This is due to an appendicitis scare, but he checks her ears. Shocked by the green pus that is oozing from her ear (which you are used to seeing as she has been waking up with this junk all over her hair and pillow each morning, since the horrible earrache 1.5 years ago), he tells you that he wants her to see a specialist. You:

A. Thank him and keep the appointment.

B. Thank him and keep the appointment.

C. Thank him and keep the appointment.

D.Fain ignorance to the infection being that bad and tell him that your daughter had threatened to stick a crochet hook in her ear when she had an earache, suggesting that this is most likely what is wrong. (Your daughter did indeed threaten to stick a crochet hook in her ear, when she was in agonizing pain, 1.5 years ago and felt like there was a huge air bubble in her ear. But she didn't do it. She was only trying to convey to you how much pain she was in and begging for some relief.) Then seem annoyed when he informs you that EVEN if she had done that, which isn't likely, it wouldn't have caused this infection and that she needs to be treated right away. Don't bother taking her to the specialist. Act pissed off at her for telling the doctor how long the infection has been going on and making you look bad.

4.You register your daughter in school, using a fake address. Then proceed to stay up late at night, sleep in every morning, resulting in her missing school. This former honor roll student that used to never stay awake past 9:00 PM on a school night. loved school, now hates it because the teachers heckle her in front of the whole class for "laying out" or "playing hookie". The principal, enraged because he could not find your house to investigate all the absences (due to a fake address), calls her into the office and screams in her face for almost an hour, demanding that she give him the information that he should have been demanding from you. You:

A. Meet with the principle, fess up to lying about your address, and deal with the outcome, so your child knows that you value her getting an education.

B.Make a concerted effort to insure that your daughter gets enough sleep and to wake her up on time and deliver her to school on time daily, so your child knows that you value her getting an education.

C.Become involved with school activities and attend parent conferences and PTO meetings, so your child knows that you value her getting an education.

D. All of the above.

E.You tell everyone what a bad kid she is, how she hates to attend school, but leave off the part as to how she came to feel that way. Plus, buy her an alarm clock, so she can wake up and get ready on her own THEN try to get you out of bed in time to take her.

5. You're not sure how to handle this school hating, disobedient, kid, that has lost her father and been abandoned by her mother, in her short 11 years on this planet. You:

A.Make an extra effort to let her know that you love her and that you will NEVER abandon her like other people have.

B.Go out of your way to spend some Mother/Daughter time with her, to create a bond.

C.Admit to her that you have absolutely no clue what you are doing, but that you are will for the two of you to work through this together.

D. Realize that you make her feel last on your list of priorities and stop treating her like she is just there and actually show some interest in her thoughts and dreams.

E. Load her up in the car with what little bit of stuff she has to her name and take her from house to house, begging your relatives to take her because you don't want her anymore. Returning to the car each time and tell her, with a fake look of sympathy on your face, "I'm sorry, they just don't want you. Nobody wants you." until you finally find someone who will let her stay. Then take her back when they go on vacation and won't take her with them.

6.Your daughter still has the green pus oozing out of her ear. You:

A. Take her to the doctor.

B.Take her to the doctor.

C.Take her to the doctor.

D. Buy expensive camera equipment and a motorcycle, and carry on as if nothing is wrong.

7. Your daughter, who can't sleep at night and is so nervous that she is vomiting at school each day, finally gets up the nerve to confide in you that a relative, which you have allowed to move in, won't keep his hands out of her pants when she is sleeping and keeps asking her to have sex with him. She has no room of her own and sleeps on the sofa, so there is nowhere for her to lock herself away and feel safe. You:

A.Remove the relative from your home and suggest he gets help.

B.Do whatever it takes to make your daughter feel more comfortable and protected.

C. Tell her this isn't unusual. Continue to have her sleep on the couch and close the door to your room each night, leaving her alone and defenseless. Say nothing to the relative. Let the relative remain living with you. Even though it means that sometimes he is the only one home when your daughter gets home from school and she is afraid to go inside, so she stands outside in the heat, waiting for someone to get home. When she finally moves out, tell everyone it's because you didn't have a lot of money and she left because you couldn't afford to buy her everything she wanted.

If you answered with anything but the last answer to these questions, you love you daughter. If you chose the last answer to all these questions, you're the woman who chose to take me in as her daughter. I don't understand and I never will. Why? Because you have never explained. I forgave, only to be thrown to the dogs again years later. This can't be what you think God expects of you. I love you and raised my kids to love you, only to have them be rejected and hurt also.

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