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Dreams are amazing!

Dreams are amazing! I have always had amazingly vivid dreams and dream in color. Sometimes people come to me just before they pass away. Mostly relatives and sometimes friends. But never in enough time that I could prevent their passing. Most times it's people I haven't seen in ages. I have no idea why. I'm always shaken and confused by the dreams, but within a couple of days, I discover they have passed away and everything makes sense. Occasionally, I'll dream of someone who has been dead for years.

At age 16, I was really missing my daddy, who had died from cancer when I was 7. I was starting to forget his face. Around that time, he came to me in a dream and stayed for hours. That dream was so different than others because it seemed to go by in real time. We spent hours talking and laughing and catching up. Then he hugged and kissed me goodbye. From there on out, his face is crystal clear in my mind.

I had a similar "dream visit" from a friend that had passed away much too young. It also lasted for hours and we had caught up on things, at a place he called "Hamburger Hill". I thought that was a fairly stupid name for a place for folks to hang out and I had never heard of it. I found out later that this was actually a place that he HAD hung out with his friends, over in the next town. Since I never spent much time in that area, I had just never heard of it.

I have sleep walked, sleep chatted online, sleep telephoned, and even driven in my sleep. Once, I dreamed that I had to drag a woman from my house, as she refused to leave. When I finally made it to the yard with her, she called me a bitch, so I KICKED he right upside her head. I woke with a swollen, bleeding, foot and had a piece of tree bark lodged into the top of my big toe! Obviously, when I thought I was kicking that woman in the head, I was actually round-housing a tree!!

My sleep has always been a bit of an adventure. Sometimes I dream of celebrities. Until last night, the craziest was when I walked into an abandoned old house and there was Glenn Close, dressed in Army fatigues and sporting these amazingly beautiful white wings. She informed me that she is my guardian angel. UGH I was so annoyed! I mean, Glenn's OK, but definitely not my choice for a guardian angel. I hid my disappointment and asked about the fatigues. She said,"I've come to let you know that your pain will go away, once you become a soldier." Intrigued and sick of hurting all the time, I asked, "A soldier? What KIND of soldier?! She replied, "A soldier for THE LORD, of course!" Then POOF! she was gone.

Last night I dreamed of Rosie O'Donnell. Not my favorite person these days, for sure. I had loved her comedy since I was a kid. Her facial expressions and perfect timing, made for side-splitting laughter. Then she got kids, and married, and MEAN! She has forgotten how to be funny. I guess it happens to the best of us.

Anywho... it is my duty as a citizen of the world, to pass on this message that Rosie entrusted me with last night... Apparently, Rosie was stricken with toenail fungus, during her 30's. It completely destroyed the nails on the three smallest toes of her right foot. BUT! One had begun to grow back. Rosie told me that it will take exactly one year for the nail to grow in. Then a year each, for the other two. She said, when the third toenail has completed it's one year growing cycle, the world will end. I woke up laughing.

 Hey, I'm just the messenger!!
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