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Gotta Love a Thoughtful Man...

For the third night this week, I had the kids asleep by 9 and went to bed early. Hubs had gone hunting. Tonight, just as the past few nights, I am awakened from a dead sleep by my Yorkshire Terrorist and his Chihuahua accomplice going totally ape shit, because someone is at the door.

    I think, "Surely Hubs can't have forgotten his keys again." I stumble to the door, peep out the window, and see him standing there. I let him inside and comment that he sure is getting forgetful, reminding him that this is the third time in a week that he had forgotten his keys. He responds, "Oh, I haven't been forgetting them, I just didn't want one more thing in my pocket to have to keep up with." ...and that's when I killed him, Your Honor.
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