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Me vs The Cat Hoarders

I cannot even count the times our phone has rang, since Hubs had his surgery, with folks calling to ask what they can do to help and if we need something. Sadly, I also cannot count the times our phone has rang, since Hubs had his surgery, with someone on the other end asking to borrow money, or some other favor, like wanting Hubs to plow a field for them, or care for their animals while they go away on vacation. Lucky for them, it was Hubs answering these calls and not me. The ones calling for a favor were NOT the same ones that had called offering help.

Now, had any of the people wanting money have been a single mother or father with kids or whatever, that were just in a rough spot, or someone who hasn't screwed us over before, I wouldn't mind so much. But, really, this wasn't the case, so if I had taken the calls, I most likely would have asked them just where the hell were they when we could have used a little help. I also would have to them to contact Guiness Book of Records, as I know they must have the absolute largest set of balls in the world, in order to be middle aged, no kids at home, able-bodied men and be at peace with the fact that they are calling a man who is in recovery from cancer, still weak and sick (especially these last three weeks, with a farm to run, a wife and kids to support, along with a shit ton of medical bills, and ask him for money or physical labor.

Anyway, Hubs told them he couldn't do anything to help them right now. They would rarely take no for an answer and leave it at that, they would just keep calling and calling and pushing and pushing, even showing up unannounced, until I reached a point of making shitty comments in the background of their call with Hubs, or greeting them at the door and telling them Hubs was sick and resting. I swear, I told one man, that showed up at my door at like 8:30 a.m. one day, that Hubs had been up sick all night and was resting. The fecker actually looked at me and asked, "Well, can't you wake him up?" Of course I refused.

Fast forward to last week, when Hubs was sick as a dog. He felt so bad, he wouldn't even get up long enough to take his meds. The phone rang and it was a guy who, after borrowing 100.00 two years ago, and swearing to show up and work it off within a day or so, never showed back up. He and his side-kick (another grown ass man) were getting kicked out of their trailer. They wanted to move into the tenant house. Hubs told them no. He hung up and relayed to me that, when he had went to pick them up for work a long time ago, their place was crawling with cats of all sorts, their was cat crap all over, the place was trashed, and the smell of cat urine would honestly take your breath.

I informed him that, cat hoarding aside, we have been screwed over so many times with letting folks stay there, them never paying or helping on the farm as promised, and leaving us with HUGE electric bills by doing stupid shit, like heating the whole damned house with the kitchen oven. Not to mention busted pipes and all sorts of other damage. It actually wound up costing us a couple thousand dollars because we tried to do a favor for a fr\ew people. I said, "If you move them down there, I will pack my kids and my stuff and leave. He said I didn't have to worry about that.

Well, they kept calling and calling. Then had their sister call and annoy the piss out of my sick husband for days on end. They changed from wanting the house to asking could they stay in a camper Hubs has on the property.I told Hubs HELL NO. By this point we already knew that the landlord that was kicking them out was also threatening to have ASPCA come take their hoard of cats. I love cats as much as the next person, but these cats were not being cared for, they were living in squalor. Finally, they made Hubs feel bad fo them and that when we started fighting about it. I explained to him that they are animal hoarders and I did not want them here. NOT TO MENTON THAT HE REALLY DOES NOT KNOW THEM WELL AND WE HAVE CHILDREN TO KEEP SAFE. He said they told him they would keep the cats in cages. I was like HELL to the NO! Cats aren't happy in cages.

Finally he said he would tell them that they could stay in the camper temporarily, helping around the farm in exchange, but they could NOT bring those cats. He did tell them this and made it clear and the feckers stood right in our yard and agreed to bring no cats. So, Saturday, Hubs needed some help trimming tree branches along our driveway. Those two can't be found anywhere. With the weather having been so rainy, we have to get this stuff done on sunny days. So we wound up paying another guy to do it. Yesterday, Hubs had plowing to be done. Again, he couldn't find them anywhere. So we had to help hook up the equipment and Hubs did the plowing and came home sick. He is real weak right now and being out on a tractor, in the blazing sun is NOT where he should be.

On the way back out the lower drive, he passes the camper and there they sat, out in the yard, PLAYING WITH THEIR CATS. Yes, CATS. Tons of them. Running all around inside and outside the camper. Hubs stopped and asked what thee heck was going on, as they were told NO CATS. They said that they hadn't had a chance to find them homes yet. Hubs was like," The deal was NO CATS. My wife is ready to leave me for even letting y'all come and you thank me by doing exactly what you said you wouldn't." He said they kept trying to chance the subject and he kept putting them right back on it. One of them even had the nerve to mumble (Selena heard him) "Well, I'm not staying where my cats ain't welcome!" As though he had ever been led to believe that they were! They asked Hubs if I knew about the cats yet and he was like, "No. But I'm her husband and there's her daughter, so she is ging to know in a very few minutes." The guy says he'll get rid of the cats and Hubs tells him that that most likely won't be enough for them to be allowed to stay, as his wife (ME!) cannot stand being lied too.

Well, when he came home and told me, I was livid. To me, what they had done was so disrespectful. A slap in the face to someone trying to keep their ass off the street. I felt that Hubs should have sent them packing. Sooooo, even though it was dark out by then, Stormi and I rode down there. We parked at the house and I walked out the dark dirt road to the camper. I called or their names and got no response. Finally, I yelled very loudly. "I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME! BOTH OF YOU AND ALL OF THESE CATS HAD BETTER BE OUT OF HERE BY MORNING!"
Stormi said I should have carried the bat that I brought with me in the car, but I reckoned they might could have shot me and claimed self-defense. Anyway, those two grown men wouldn't come out and face me. I checked earlier and their car was gone and two cats were outside the camper. None of this would be happening if Hubs would have just listened to me...

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