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People Really Can Change!

 I'm going to take a chance and brag on someone, even though that has usually been the point when they make a 180° turn... There is a man, a couple of years older than me, that has worked seasonally for my husband for years. His whole family has. He and his brother honestly drank from sun up to sun down. Lord knows what sort of recreational drugs were also in their systems. Though I was amazed they could even walk, they managed to show up and work hard all day. Trouble was, close to quitting time, their beer cooler was almost empty and they were getting belligerent with each other and everyone else.

The man I'm speaking of was just, well, creepy. He had this way of looking at a woman that made us want to run inside and bar the door. He never actually said or did anything out of the way. But a lady just knew she never wanted to be caught alone with him. His outbursts were epic. He would fly off at the littlest thing and go into a drunken rage. His final straw here was the day he got pissed at his brother and proceeded to drop his pants down in the field, point to his exposed privates, and tell everyone there that they could ^&&& his &*((765. That was a couple of years ago and Hubs never called him back to work.

Well, this Spring, after Hubs surgery, when it was time to put a crop in the ground, this same man calls and apologizes for his past behavior. He told Hubs that he was a changed man and that he would be available anytime Hubs needed him to work. True to his word, he is here, whenever Hubs calls, to help with whatever needs doing. He no longer drinks or does drugs. He showers and wears clean clothes. I knew for a fact he had changed, on the day the wind blew our crop over and Hubs needed help to get it up off the ground. This guy's brother, knowing Hubs was desperate for help, refused to lift a finger, unless Hubs promised to give him a dollar more an hour. When it came time to write the checks, Hubs started to also give this guy a dollar more an hour, he said. "No. Pay me my usual rate. I'm not like him."

This miraculous change in him was brought about, I discovered, by a woman. She is from a good family and doesn't drink or do drugs. He was so struck with her that he turned over a new leaf and stopped everything cold turkey. He had too. Otherwise she wouldn't even give him the time of day. He has been clean for over a year and is doing great. They have a nice house, with a garden, a car to drive, everything he always wanted. When he comes to work, she comes and works right by his side.I really think he's turned the corner and won't go back to his old ways. I hope so.
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  1. I loved this story - changing bad vices is so important to move forward towards a happy life.
    I hope he stays "changed"
    I've Become My Mother

  2. Thanks, Kelly. I hope so as well. He has lots of folks, some he isn't even aware of lol, pulling for him, so I think he will succeed.


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