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There's Just Something About This Time of Year


 can't exactly put my finger on it,but this time of year, with its crisp morning air, beautiful, sunny, days, and slightly chilly evenings, brings about a calmness in my soul.

  If only I could type in Scratch and Sniff, I would share the soothing scent of these beautiful woods that surround me. It's an intoxicating brew of pine, wet, composting leaves, and fresh air. Nature's Valium.

  Stepping outside, there seems to be no difference between the warmth of the air and my skin. I sit and watch the squirrels scurrying about. Occasionally, one strays into my planter box, either to hide or retrieve some treasure. I refuse to break the spell by chasing it away. No bees. No mosquitoes. Nothing to intrude on my date with Mother Nature.

  I drink this all in and lock it away. It will be a welcome memory, during the winter to come.

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