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pring has finally arrived! Now's the time to make home improvements, that we'll enjoy for the rest of the year and many years to come. I know I can't wait to jump head-first into those projects I've been dreaming about all winter! I want to re-do my deck, removing all the weather-worn and loose planks and give it a nice coat of paint.

        I want to create a walk through garden, with little paths that lead to hidden nooks on the property. Where there's lots of shade and a nice comfy bench to sit on. Maybe even have a nice little Koi pond. Arbors, draped with grapes and flowers, scattered here and there.

   A play area for the children would also be nice. A place for their swings and sandbox. Only partially shaded, so they can pick out the spot most comfortable to them.

    Out on the other deck, I would love to erect an outdoor kitchen for barbecues and entertaining friends. Plus, it would be perfect for hot summer days, when cooking inside is a misery.

     What sort of renovation plans have all of you dreamed up, during this cold winter? I'd love to have you share them in my comments section.

  I've just been visiting my friends over at BuildDirect.com .That's where I can find everything I need for my latest home renovation project, at prices that just can't be beat. They have an amazing variety of beautiful laminate flooring. You can request a sample and see exactly what you'll be ordering. But it doesn't stop there! BuildDirect also offers an array of tile, pavers, decking, railings, roofing, siding, countertops, sinks, patio furniture, and so much more.

         Don't just take my word for it, plenty others are singing praise, over at BuildDirect reviews There is even a BuildDirect Wikipedia page, where you can learn about this great company's journey from 1999 to present day. It's a very interesting read!

    Thanks for stopping by! I hope each and every one of you had a great Easter!


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