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Define Irony...

Walking into the room and finding Tallen, who has Asperger's, reading "Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder".

He had snagged it from my desk without being noticed. I hope he hasn't mistaken it for his instruction manual. lol

Yes, he can read. Maybe that's no major feat for any child at age 5. But he has been reading since he was age 2! At first we thought it was blind luck. We figured he had just been clever enough to memorize small words. But at this point, I would venture to say that he probably reads as well as I do. He understands all about silent letters and such. No matter how large a word is, he takes a second and sounds it out the first time and from then on, he knows it.

People never believe us when we tell them this. Even the professional that tested him at age 3 seemed skeptical, before she met him. I said, "He's reading!". She was like, "Oh, I'm sure he reads some sight words..." I said, "You don't understand, he's reading." I could tell she thought I was just embellishing the truth. After testing him, she just kept going on and on about his I.Q. being off the charts etc... I didn't say, "I told you so!". But Gosh, I sure wanted to. lol

I truly wish he could explain to me just how he taught himself to read. Just imagine how many people could be helped by this... That's the sad part, he just knows these things and is unable to tell us why or how.

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