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Lawsy Messy!

That's what my grandma would have said, if she had a day like the one I have had today.

First of all, our washer needs some sort of switch or do-dad. Well, since we already had a much better one collecting dust in the garage, buying parts for the other one would be silly...

This created a couple of problems...

First of all, my husband has RA and shouldn't be lifting. I have a myriad of joint and muscular disorders, mostly due to the beatings I endured from an ex-husband and a car accident where a tractor-trailer decided to drive over our car. Just a week ago, I was put on bed rest for inflamed cartilage in my chest wall.

Then there is the fact that my old washer and dryer sat side-by-side and had a shelf installed above them. The replacement is a stacking set.Ages ago, my husband just happened to drive by a neighbors house as they were literally dragging everything they owned into the front yard and selling it. He stopped to see what they had to offer, then came home and told me the insanely low amount they were asking for the washer and dryer. It was so low that I am ashamed to even post it here. I suspected it must be stolen and insisted that he ask to see their receipt before buying it.  Also, recalling some of the jerks I have lived with before, I told him to be sure that there was another washer there, as I could just imagine this guy's poor wife doing clothes by hand because he sold us her machine. Everything checked out and he bought the set.

So anyway, after a few days with no way to do laundry and watching the piles get bigger and bigger, I snapped. This morning I unhooked all the connections and lifted up the washer and dryer, one corner at a time, and stuffed a sheet under each. Then I dragged them through the house and onto the porch. I'm pretty sure I could move an elephant all by myself, if I could just get him to stand on a sheet lol Hubs was on the phone at this time and had no clue what I was doing. I thought that I could walk the washer down the steps but I nearly crushed myself trying. Just as I was about to give up, Renni came driving up and had a friend with her. By this time, Hubs was off the phone and he removed the shelf and swept up the laundry area while we got the appliances off the porch. Then we all worked to get the other set into the house. The girls left and we started to hook everything back up and realized that the cord end will not work with our outlet. Now, everything is on hold until Hubs finishes moving hay and returns home to exchange that cord with the one from our old dryer.

  I can feel my body getting stiffer and stiffer. I'll probably post several more times today as all I can move right now are my fingers...

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