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The Joys of Motherhood

Seriously, motherhood is truly a joy for me. Have there been times that I think I may be crushed by the weight of worry and stress that comes along with the job? Absolutely. But those times are when I realize that I need to make adjustments to the situation itself or maybe even my attitude, so it starts feeling like a true joy again. There are also times that I should probably sit down and cry but choose to laugh instead. I just stop and remind myself that these are the memories that will comfort me when I am older. There I'll be, holding my grandchild on my lap, telling him or her all about the silly things their mother or father did as a child. Right now, right this minute, we are writing stories. I love stories ...

For many years, whenever I thought of where I wanted to be "in the next five years", I had a very clear vision of myself wearing a designer dress suit and working for some very important company. I didn't know which company or even the line of work. But I could see my office as clear as day. It had a window and a door, clear signs that I was someone important. Someone that other people came to for instructions. I would take hour long lunches each day, just down the street at that uppity little restaurant with very small portions of foods that I only really ate because they were the foods that other important people with high paying office jobs ordered. You know, that little restaurant where lunch is only $20.00, the gratuity is added to your check, and the customer is never trusted to dispense their own pepper. I'd catch myself feeling sorry for the poor guy making constant circles around the dining area and asking, "Pepper?" "Pepper?" For some reason, he reminded me of The Little Match Girl ...

Alas, here I sit in my flannel PJ pants that I bought on clearance for $3.00 over five years ago, a sweater that I am not really sure is even mine ( it was clean and it fits so it was fair game! ), and thick, ugly, hunting socks. My extremely long hair has a naturally curly, mind of it's own and has not been professionally styled or cut in years. I went to sleep at 3:00 a.m. and was back up at 5:00 a.m. It is now only 8:00 a.m. and already I have changed two diapers, braved the cold to drive the older girls to the bus, made a PB & J sandwich for Tallen, made two cups of chocolate milk, started a load of laundry, and removed Easy Cheese from my keyboard. My office does have a window and a door, along with a bed, a baby bed, countless toys, and two children, one 5 and one 18 months, who are speaking to each other is some language that only they understand ( they speak perfectly understandable English unless they are talking to each other ). My lunch today will most likely be the leftovers of whatever I feed the kids. The Little Pepper Boy is nowhere in sight ...

Sorry "Corporate America", you'll just have to wait, I have more important work to do.

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